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    Pakistanis reacting to the PUBG ban

    PTA’s announcement on Wednesday, 1st July 2020 about PUBG ban in Pakistan has caused a massive uproar in the country. The ban is temporary with PTA providing an email address for people to voice out their opinions. Gamers, PUBG players, YouTubers, Esports advocates have all spoken about it and they are not happy. With the instant outburst on social media, many hashtags including #UNBANPUBG #UnbanPubginPakistan and #PUBGBan were trending on Twitter within an hour of the press release by PTA.

    More than 150K tweets were posted using all these hashtags against PUBG ban in Pakistan.

    Shafaat Ali against PUBG ban

    Many Youtube celebrities came forth with their two cents on the matter. News anchor, YouTuber and entertainer, Shafaat Ali called it a ‘ridiculous decision’, remembering the time when YouTube was also banned. He also said unemployment, inflation and poverty have also caused people to commit suicide. PUBG helped provide careers to many in Pakistan.

    Waqar Zaka will go to the Sindh High Court

    Waqar Zaka, another Pakistani influencer was so outraged by the news. He decided to head to the Sindh High Court to file a case against the ban. In a video which he uploaded, he called it an attempt to undermine the potential of our youth and the flourishing Esports and Ecommerce industry of Pakistan.

    Many YouTubers earn by streaming live PUBG videos

    Similarly, along with YouTubers, those who are closely associated with PUBG as a source of income, came forward with their arguments. Banning PUBG in the country directly affects their source of income. Moreover, PUBG players who take part in global competition or compete with foreigners managed to bring in foreign revenue.     

    Tweets about pubg ban in Pakistan
    via Ehsan Baloch @EHSANBA23904500

    Deaths and suicides was a key factor which caused PTA to ban the game entirely. People tweeted asking parents to take responsibility of their children and prohibit them from playing a game which clearly states it is PG 16+.

    a youtube comment against pubg ban in Pakistan
    via Muhammad Sheikh

    Some people responded very sarcastically to the PUBG ban. Interesting tweets trended over Twitter, where people compared the economy of Pakistan to the likes of UAE and USA. People also mentioned how the ban has miraculously solved all the problems in the country.

    a tweet regarding pubg ban in pakistan
    via Arslan Sharif Malik @realwala_sharif
    suicide case are now zero after PTA banned pubg in Pakistan, a tweet.
    via Syed Hashim @SyedHas45187777

    Esports is an emerging industry in Pakistan

    Esports fanatics emphasized the importance of the emerging Esports industry in Pakistan. They argued how this ban will adversely affect the Esports industry.  To evaluate their arguments some very interesting facts and figures were also posted to help PTA understand the severity of their decision. Esports, undoubtedly has much potential but apparently the decision has disheartened many Esports lovers.

    tweet about esports in Pakistan.
    via Hamza Wasif @WasifHamza

    However, the final argument still remains whether banning an online game is going to solve anything at all. People asked some very sarcastically rhetoric questions from PTA. Outraged players even went as far as asking for a refund for all the time and effort they have invested in the game.

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