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Pakistani Twitter Trendsetters

Twitter Pakistan is full of colors, you will never get bored anytime. From teenagers to established businessmen, from politicians to fashion divas, you will find everyone is enjoying its worth. 

Those tweeters who start interesting topics and make those topics in trends list are known as trendsetters. There are several people on Twitter Pakistan which are active to make newest trends 24/7. Today, we will discuss types of Pakistani trendsetters on Twitter.

Political Trendsetters:
They make hashtags or topics in favor of their political parties, political leaders or against other parties. Usually they use their political slogans in hashtags. It’s common to see hashtag wars among Pakistani political parties on Twitter which attract common tweeters. 

Religious Trendsetters:
Rare. They are rarely active. Usually in Ramadan we see religious hashtags but many of them are used to make fun of Ramadan. 

Event Trendsetters:
Tweeters who like to attend different conferences, workshops, fashion and literature events and festivals live tweet event activities which create curiosity in others, usually ends up trending in Pakistan. 

Anytime Trendsetters:
One of the most interesting and most influenced. If you are getting bored and nothing to do, these trendsetters can help you anytime, even at 4 AM. Group of teenagers, college and university students, group of friends start tweeting some funny phrase and eventually your complete timeline will be doing that. 

Couple of Pakistani hashtags trended worldwide i.e; #YouAreNotDesiIf and #ReplaceEverythingWithBhutto.

Without trendsetters on your timeline, your Twitter is useless, empty and colorless. 
I will suggest you some active trendsetters which are teenagers or college/university students. Must follow them to know what’s gonna trend at Twitter Pakistan.

Some Pakistani Trendsetters are:

and more more!

About Author:

Ahsan — Blogger, Urdu Localization Moderator at Twitter, Global Voices Urdu and WhatsApp Urdu Translator, Studying Software Engineering.  Love for photography, cricket, Twitter, reading and walking in rain. He tweets as @aey. 

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