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    Pakistani startups can now apply at ‘Google for Startups Accelerator’ program

    Google for Startups Accelerator has now opened its applications for Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries till July 19th, 2020. Apply here.

    Pakistan has the largest untapped market of startups and venture capital today. Pakistanis fall into one of the biggest tech talent pools in the world. Coupled with the immense growth witnessed in broadband subscribers in recent years, Pakistani startups are ready for takeoff. New innovative startups for example, Tajir, Airlift, Zameen.com and Cheetay are business venture now worth millions that have managed to attract global investors. Above all in the years to come these factors will transform the startup ecosystem and economy of Pakistan.

    The ‘Google for Startups Accelerator’ program allows local entrepreneurs to come up with solutions to socio-economic problems. The program has now opened its applications for Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries till July 19th, 2020. The program aims at resolving problems in the key sectors for instance health, finance and education using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is an opportunity for the next generation of innovators and startup founders as they can empower their communities for economic prosperity. Pakistan has some prime examples of startup businesses that have done well over the years and managed to make a name for themselves. The recent growing shift with more initiatives and more investors willing to engage in potential startup activities in Pakistan is reassuring. Certainly the ‘Google for Startups’ program has hit us at the right time.

    The 3-month long programme begins with applicants applying online with their solutions to regional problems. The startups selected are teamed with relevant industry experts and mentors. This deep mentorship and project support is aimed at overcoming problems in product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders. Young entrepreneurs will get a chance to engage with leaders of the business world and a life-time opportunity to work with the best innovative minds out there.

    Startups and entrepreneurs in Pakistan now have the perfect environment to kick-start their business due to the Covid-19.

    Economists see startups at the forefront of this change, for they can step up to solve new and unforeseen challenges with a fresh outlook on the current circumstances. Therefore, startups are the only way to lift our dwindling economy back up in this crisis. Keeping this in mind, ‘ Google for Startups’ is a ripe opportunity for new ventures in Pakistan.

    The Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s empowered the youth and helped them set-up startups through their ‘Kamyab Jawan’ initiative. This government-led initiative highlighted the hidden potential in our youth. We must not forget, even through challenges, some extraordinary individuals have risen to the surface to break norms and set records in the business world of Pakistan. Moreover Pakistani startups are well-positioned to dominate all major industries in Pakistan and also expand globally.

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