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    Pakistani PhD student creates a battery that recharges under 2 minutes

    Having to deal with low battery-life phones can be a pain. Often, you may have missed a very important call from your boss because your phone died in the car, or had to wait for hours for your phone to charge so you can go on with your day. The time spent in waiting for your battery to recharge, can undoubtedly be very agonizing.

    Modern problems require modern solutions and a Pakistani has found it.

    Kamran Ameen is from Bagh, Azad Kashmir

    Kamran Ameen, an extraordinary individual from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, who is currently pursuing a PhD at the National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Biejing, China, has invented a battery that charges up to 70%, in a time as short as just 2 minutes.

    Kamran Ameen belongs to bagh, Azad Kashmir and studying in China.

    Kamran’s initial research was based on energy storing devices and materials. He used lithium-ion batteries for the project. Usually phone batteries lose their potential over time and their charging speed decreases. Kamran understands the anxiety and our impatience that revolves around slow charging batteries, therefore his modified lithium-ion batteries can run on their full capacity for as long as 8 years without losing their potential;  given you charge your phone once every 24 hours.

     An article about this ingenious project and research is published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Kamran was also awarded the Outstanding Student Award at his University, twice.

    Project funded by a Chinese tech giant, Lenovo

    Lenovo, a Chinese multi-national tech company, funded the entire project. The project is in its final phase and soon enough after some successful tests, production will start. The batteries will be made available in the market for all phone users. It is also likely that Lenovo could take over the production of the batteries and launch the batteries in the market under its brand name. Nonetheless, this invention could prove a game-changer in the upcoming years. Kamran strongly believes his lithium-ion batteries will revolutionize the mobile phone industry. This is unarguably great news for all tech savvies!

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