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    This Pakistani from KSA Finally Visited The Northern Areas And He Was Not Disappointed

    We often hear about people going to foreign countries to see the beauty of nature. But this time we are going to talk about this overseas Pakistani who visited Pakistan with the sole purpose of exploring the northern areas. Fahd Abid had only been to Pakistan twice before this trip. Those trips were short and only limited to Karachi, Islamabad, Murree and the surrounding areas.

    This time around, Fahd’s experience was out of the world so he took to Twitter to share pictures and talk about his experience in a thread. In September, his memorable journey began from Islamabad. From there, he reached Balakot and saw a river for the first time. Sitting by the river was a mesmerizing experience for him. As Fahd had spent all of his life in KSA, the greenery of the northern areas was the biggest attraction to him. From Balakot, after stopping at Lulusar lake for a while, Fahd reached Babusar Top and decided to climb the mountain to reach the top. Although the hike made his heart rate go up, Fahd says the experience was worth it.

    Pakistani Northern Areas

    After spending the night at Chilas, Fahd got to experience the fear of traveling in a jeep on a narrow road. But this was the journey that led him to Fairy Meadows but not before the 4-hour long hike.

    This Pakistani from KSA Finally Visited The Northern Areas And He Was Not Disappointed

    All the fatigue caused by the hike vanished upon reaching Fairy Meadows. When I asked Fahd about Fairy Meadows, he said that he loved it the most,

    “away from all the impurities in nature such as mobile signals, internet, and most importantly crowd. The fresh air and the peace there was amazing. One should spend a week there every year just to detox from big city life.”

    camping at Fairy Meadows

    After camping at Fairy Meadows for a night, Fahd set out for Hunza. Anyone who has ever been to Hunza can never forget the beauty of the city early in the morning. The same captivating sight welcomed Fahd in the morning.

    way to Khunjerab Pass

    On his way to Khunjerab Pass, he got to see the beautiful blue waters of the Attabad Lake.

    Attabad Lake

    Khunjerab Pass was cold and it also snowed while Fahd was there.

    Khunjerab Pass

    On his way back, Fahd spent some time in Naran and went to see the famous lake Saif-ul-Malook. He ended his journey in Islamabad where offered Jumma prayers in Faisal Masjid and enjoyed a beautiful evening in Monal.

    Throughout his journey, Fahd kept thinking how much he will miss these sights once he is back in the deserts of KSA. And this has proven to be true now that he is back home and looking at the pictures of his trip. When I asked Fahd if he plans to visit these places again, he said that yes, he would love to see Fairy Meadows, Hunza, Attabad Lake, and Lake Saif-ul-Malook again. But for the next time, Fahd wants to visit Skardu and Naltar Valley. Good luck to you Fahd for your future travels. And for those of you living in Pakistan who still haven’t hit the road to experience the exquisiteness of the northern areas, Fahd Abid’s visit to the Fairy Meadows should definitely serve as the motivating factor you need.

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