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Top Pakistani Healthcare Facebook Groups

Sickness or well-being, everyone needs a doctor or at least someone to consult for a second opinion. Plus with the onset of social media, this has got a lot easier and right on one’s fingertips. Facebook Groups are one such platform where common people as well as healthcare professionals are there to help people in disease or those looking for quick tips on basic aid. Alongside, people posting reviews on their experiences about different hospitals and doctors and their recommendations make it a complete solution for anyone seeking help. These groups are organic and honest for the most part where people just virtually help others without any personal incentives, just like when our previous generations used to have gatherings every other evening. So here’s the list of top Pakistani healthcare groups on Facebook which you should definitely join to be a part of this great community which helps others.


11769 members


Marham is created with an aim to provide quick medical help to the patients in terms of right doctor identification, sharing the Quick access points of the doctors and other such problems. In this group patients share the problem and doctors present on this platform help them with the best solution for it. They are planning to launch a mobile app too.

Women’s Health Talk Pakistan™

8897 members


This group is all about women’s health & women’s problems, they will try to find your solutions, they accept queries through messages to admins or as posts in group .

SWOT’s Guide to Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss

8073 members


This SWOT group involves sessions around burning calories, discussions of all the healthier options available at each restaurant and cafe, exchange of recipes, sharing weight loss and weight gain stories, discussing not just weight loss but also how to stop smoking, drinking consuming carbs, making work-out buddies and help each other stay focused on our plan.

بچوں کے طبی مسائل

1189 members


بچوں کے امراض سے متعلق رہنمائ کیلیئے اردو زبان میں ایک فورم۔
ایڈمن: ڈاکٹر رضوان اسد خان، ایم بی بی ایس، ایم سی پی ایس، ایف سی پی ایس اسسٹنٹ پروفیسر شعبہ امراض بچگان، سنٹرل پارک میڈیکل کالج، لاہور

Do you know about more healthcare groups on Facebook? Do tell us in comments below.

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