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The Love of Art Took This Pakistani Girl From Karakoram to Himalayas

For a woman living in our world, it isn’t common to just go out and take our chances in the world. But every once in a while, we come across a woman brave enough to go out on her own and prove to all the other girls sitting at home dreaming about a life that they could have, that it is possible. Every dream you dream, about traveling the world on your own, you can do it. You can do it because Feroza Gulzar did it and she became a role model for every girl with dreams in this world who just needs a push.

Feroza Gulzar, a Pakistani artist and traveler

Feroza started with Hunza where she stayed for a month volunteering for a program called IEI. Image credit: Usman Zubair

Feroza Gulzar set out in May of 2017. She started with Hunza where she stayed for a month volunteering for a program called IEI. As a volunteer, she taught art to the local kids. She is just like you and me, she too was afraid to set out and travel by herself in this world. She says:

“all this time I was very nervous because I wasn’t able to believe all of this actually happening”.

But the wish to explore the beauty of nature and to help people helped her overcome the nervousness. After her volunteer work in Hunza, she traveled to Nepal in June where she stayed for two months in a village called Marpha for an art residency.

Khegbeni, another small village in Nepal.

Khegbeni, another small village in Nepal. / Photo by Feroza Gulzar

What’s more? She made a beautiful video capturing the most breathtaking moments from her trip and she has put it up for the world to see. It is the most inspiring story I have seen in a while. Being a woman myself, it is an honor to witness a woman who is brave enough to go out there and prove to the rest of us that anything is possible. We can’t only go out in the world and travel alone, we can also make a name for ourselves.

The video alone is a work of art that makes you feel as though you are on a journey with Feroza.

The times are changing and its women like Feroza Gulzar who stand out from the crowd and take back what’s rightfully theirs: their freedom.

Credit for the featured image goes to Usman Zubair. You can find his Instagram here.

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