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2 best Pakistani ethical hackers invited to speak at DEFCON, world’s largest hackers convention

Undoubtedly, Pakistan has tremendous potential and it truly reflects in our youth.  Pakistani ethical hackers and researchers have made their name in different fields of science and technology all over the world. In fact, Pakistani ethical hackers are ranked in the top 10 bug hunters as well. For the first time, Pakistan is going to be represented at DEFCON, the world’s biggest hacker’s convention.

DEFCON has invited the two best ethical hackers of Pakistan, Ibad Shah and Etizaz Mohsin, to their 28th annual conference. These two will speak at the conference, in Las Vegas, sharing their wisdom and achievements with the world. This conference for the world’s most famous cryptic minds is going to be held virtually from August 6, 2020, to August 9, 2020.

DEFCON is a very interesting mix of over thousands of hackers from all over the world. DEFCON provides a platform for all security enthusiasts and researchers to showcase new and innovative ideas aimed at cybersecurity. From students, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, researchers, employers, all gather for its conventions, with a mutual interest in cyber world and hacking.

A little about Ibad and Etizaz

Ibad and Etizaz are both information security researchers. They have worked with big names such as Huawei, ZTE, Dunkin Donut, Four Square, BSides, LEHack and countless more. They have spent their time fixing analytical and critical vulnerabilities for these companies. Moreover, they have helped companies and businesses with detecting important system and software loopholes for data security purposes.

“Eitzaz Mohsin and I are both information security researchers and professional red teamers, sharing a deep interest in reverse engineering,” said Ibad. “As a security enthusiast I have facilitated many companies such as Huawei, Four Square, ZTE and MuslimPro- in fixing critical vulnerabilities.”

Congratulations Ibad and Eitzaz!

We congratulate and wish good luck to both Ibad and Eitzaz on this brilliant achievement. It is surely an honor for us, with these individuals representing Pakistan on a global forum. They are both an inspiration to all of us and a reminder that we are a nation of outstanding talent.

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