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    This Pakistani Artist Might Give All Clothing Brands A Run For Their Money

    As much as we love brands, there is no denying that most of their designs have become repetitive. We see the same kind of patterns in every brand’s catalog. But since we don’t have an alternative and designing clothes yourself requires more time than we have, we end up spending money on the same brands we don’t even find attractive anymore.

    A month ago, one of Pakistan’s most beloved artists, Mahoor Jamal started posting pictures of her thesis display on Instagram. She designed five dresses for her final year project in university. Mahoor collaborated with another talented artist Iman Shahid which resulted in the best fashion shoot I have ever seen. The ladies of Instagram are going crazy over the outfits because it’s nothing like they have ever seen.


    Mahoor’s collection is based on ‘Bluebird’. If you follow her on Instagram, you’d recall the Bluebird illustrations she shared last year in April. But what makes the dresses special? Each dress has a unique style of its own and all the outfits were embroidered and stitched by Mahoor herself.

    Mahoor Jamal

    In the caption of this picture, Mahoor revealed that this rose was entirely embroidered by hand. She shared that she learned embroidery from her mother at a very young age, long before she took sketching seriously.

    Mahoor Jamal

    Describing the collection, Mahoor says: “I wanted the dresses to be raw and simple yet have an element of magic like my ‘Bluebird’ series. The fabrics I chose were lawn and cotton. Kept the cuts simple and added gold embellishments for the magical part.” I think we can all see that magic in the dresses.

    Mahoor Jamal

    Mahoor Jamal not only stitched an hand embroidered the outfits but also styled Iman Shahid and photographed her. I think we can all agree that from styling the outfits to photographing Iman, Mahoor has nailed everything and if we weren’t big enough fans of her already, we are now.

    Mahoor Jamal

    A massive shoutout should also go to the elegant Iman Shahid who made Mahoor’s dresses even more beautiful (we didn’t think that was possible as they were perfect already!).

    Now we await the launch of Mahoor Jamal’s own clothing brand.

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