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    The World Needs More Artists Like Areeba Siddique

    Long ago the world’s intellectuals gathered and argued over a glass of water, was it half empty, was it half full, was it really there? But there was one person who stood on the side and just admired the curves of the glass, the tiny ripples in the water. And a while later, he painted the glass on a piece of paper. He painted the water too. When the rest of the people arrived there, they ignored the group of intellectuals arguing and went straight to the artist and his painting. There in the strokes of the artist’s brush, people saw the beauty in the ordinary glass, they saw beauty in the water as if they were seeing it for the first time. The artist made people forget logic and see beauty in unusual places.

    Since that day, the world has been scared of artists and their power to turn anything into a thing of beauty.

    But the artists never learned to give up. They use paintings, poetry, and music, to rebel against the society with every stroke, every verse, and every note. Areeba Siddique is one such artist.

    The Young Rebel:

    Even as a child, Areeba dreamed differently than what the society allowed the children to dream of. She didn’t imagine herself wearing a stethoscope giving scared children injections, she dreamed of becoming a detective who would solve murder mysteries in Karachi.

    Introduction to Art:

    Lack of interest in sports led Areeba to arts. Teenage is a scary time for everyone and we either express too much or not at all. When Areeba felt it impossible to express her feelings through words, art came to her rescue and since then it has been her best friend. Now art is a way of survival for Areeba. Through art the world makes sense.

    Art Style:

    Areeba describes her art as “messy” but it always comes with a backstory. She tries to mold everything she has learned or felt into art. That art sometimes takes the form of poetry, sometimes it turns into desi doodles. Through her art, Areeba talks about the issues desi women have to face in their day to day lives.


    The list of Areeba’s achievements is long. Through her hard work and dedication to her art, she has achieved at a young age what many spend their whole lives running after.

    • Areeba got through the tough period of her life called the high school with the help of Rookie magazine, a magazine for teenage girls that publishes art and writing, and today she is a contributor to the said magazine.
    • Areeba has been featured on Instagram’s page and story on Women’s Day.
    • She has been featured on Teen Vogue twice.
    • Areeba and her twin Noor were the faces of Voice magazine’s June-July issue.
    • Recently she collaborated with American singer Nora Rothman for a lyrical video.
    • Areeba’s artworks were published for and included in Shortbox’s (a comic box in the UK) August box.
    • Currently, she is a part of an ongoing group art exhibition of Muslim women artists in London.

    The World Needs Artists:

    Technology may have made our lives easier but we still never have enough time to stop and appreciate the beauty around us. This is why we need artists, artists who are not scared of how logical the world has become, artists who are not afraid of not making sense, artists who can see beauty where no one else sees it. Let us pave the way for future artists by respecting and acknowledging the talent of our current artists. To that end, we say, more power to you, Areeba.

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