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Pakistani app ‘Agrifarm’ wins the Andriod Developer Challenge 2020

Google has always remained in the forefront when it comes to machine learning and has always been an advocate of innovation. In October 2019, Google launched an initiative called ‘Android Developer Challenge’. The idea was to integrate machine learning and problem-solving using innovation as a foundation. Developers across the world were invited to develop apps which make life easier and sustainable. Developers submitted their ideas after which Google chose the 10 best projects. All expenses for further development of these ideas were borne by Google with free promotion through Google Play Store. One of these 10 best ideas included an idea from a Pakistani app developing team, from Balochistan. This outstanding team of talented individuals consisted of Mirwise Khan, Samina Ismail, Ehtisham Ahmed and Hassan Khalid.

pakistani team agrifarm wins android developer challenge 2020
“We’re helping connect farmers and make use of AI for their productivity.” AgriFarm’s tagline at Android Developer Website

About AgriFarm App

Crop diseases pose a constant threat to farmers in Pakistan. Recently crop fields of Punjab were attacked by locusts, destroying millions of worth of crop, ready for harvest. To counter the impacts of food insecurity on health, society, and economy, Pakistani team developed AgriFarm. It helps farmers detect plant diseases to prevent major crop damage. The app also includes weather reports, video recommendations, and price predictions. Made with the Pakistani rural audience in mind, the app provides information on the most common agricultural fruits and vegetables grown in the country. This app also helps in creating a treatment plan for crop diseases.

AgriFarm can be found at PlayStore here.

Taking a step forward with Innovation

Smartphone devices today are extremely intelligent and powerful. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the two most successfully emerging fields across the globe. Cleverly integrating these two features can produce some brilliant results, as the Android Developer Challenge proved. The Android Developer Challenge helped bring forth some of the most innovative ideas in various aspects of life. AgriFarm can be a game-changer in Agriculture and has helped introduce farmers to Artificial intelligence.

There is immense potential when it comes to machine learning, and developers can help us unveil it.

Featured Image via Android Developers

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