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    Pakistan’s only private Space Company will announce First Space Mission on 14 August

    Pakistan’s first private space company, based in Karachi, The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited (TRSC), announced its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Government of Pakistan. The company CEO, Samiullah Khan tweeted that on 14th August 2020, they will announce an expected date of the launch of their first space mission.

    About TRSC

    The Rocket & Satellite Company deals in ground segments, satellite division and launching vehicles to space. The company plans to offer low-cost solutions in these three divisions. In addition TRSC hopes to provide in-orbit satellite servicing to increase satellite life. Moreover introducing a solution to reduce the risk of satellite and space debris collision is also the company’s target. Advancements in AI and space technology will be the driving force for achieving these major benchmarks in Pakistan’s space history. Furthermore, the company wishes to provide a platform for scientists and space experts to discuss ideas and developments. They can offer their skills to the space industry to unravel the best solutions for humanity.

    Speculations about the Pakistani Space mission by SUPARCO

    Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, hinted at a selection process of astronauts for a space mission which started in February 2020.

    “Proud to announce that selection process for the first Pakistani to be sent to Space shall begin from February 2020. Fifty people will be short-listed. The list will then come down to 25 and in 2022 we will send our first person to space. This will be the biggest space event of our country,” Mr. Chaudhry said in a tweet.

    The entire selection process is conducted under the supervision of Pakistan Air Force. Out of the 25 shortlisted candidates, 10 pilots will be trained and 1 of them will be sent to space.

    To sum it all up, nothing is final yet and we still do not know what the announcement may be. Whatever TRSC has to say will surely be a milestone in Pakistan’s space industry. We look forward to 14th August 2020 for this milestone announcement. After this, the only road for us will be the road forward.

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