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    Pakistan registers 38 exporters with Amazon

    Amazon is the largest e-commerce network currently running on the internet. It is the largest internet company in the world by revenue, and the second largest employer in the US. With an average of 3 sales made every second and a total of $3.5 billion worth of sales made per day; Amazon is the most sought after e-commerce market by sellers.

    Pakistan welcomes E-commerce

    On 18th June 2020, Abdul Razak Dawood, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, announced a list of 38 sellers that has been sent to Amazon. These officially registered exporters will have an opportunity to increase their outreach in terms of sales and marketing; Pakistani products will now be available to a wider global market. The initiative will help promote trade and add to Pakistan’s foreign trade.

    State Bank of Pakistan has also developed a regulatory framework for e-commerce facilitation which will soon be adopted. Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governments have also given incentives for e-commerce trade in their provincial budgets. Many countless industries in Pakistan produce some very competitive products, which when marketed using the right tools can generate immense revenue. The Sialkot sports industry is a very obvious example.

    Private sellers can also join Amazon

    Not only these registered sellers but private and emerging entrepreneurs and businesses can also reap benefits from Amazon. Amazon has exclusive e-commerce sites for some countries; however Pakistan is not in that list. Pakistani private business owners can register on Amazon through a programme called ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’. Under this programme, sellers can use Amazon’s existing warehouses and facilities such as storage, packaging, labeling and shipping. Once products reach Amazon’s warehouses, the company takes responsibility of product care, delivery and customer support. As a result Amazon becomes a 30% partner in the business.

    New doors open for Pakistani sellers

    Since previously Pakistan has had very little e-commerce involvement, this initiative will open doors of recognition for Pakistani products and goods worldwide. Given Pakistani products maintain their quality and reliability; this could prove to be a golden opportunity for Pakistan’s developing e-commerce industry. The Corona virus outbreak has revealed the importance of e-commerce and with the right steps taken, Pakistan can benefit from it.

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