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Pakistan Defense Day: Nature of Twitter Trends

#6SepWhenWeFoughtLikeTigers Worldwide Trend

#6SepWhenWeFoughtLikeTigers trending worldwide

Its 6th September – Pakistan Defense Day. Twitter timelines are filled with patriotic and historical tweets about 1965 Indo-Pak war, that resulted into 60% of trending topics about Defense day.

Generally, most of trends on Twitter in Pakistan are initiated by social media wings of political parties, brands and digital media agencies and around 30% organic trends are due to news, cricket / football matches or influenced by worldwide Twitter trends.

I saw 6 trending topics about 6 September and Defence Day, lets see how they are initiated and what are tweets about and how many tweets have been posted.

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  • #6SepWhenWeFoughtLikeTigers

Started by PTI’s unofficial social media wing lead by @FarhanKVirk. Tweets contain stats from 1965 war, Indian loss, Gen. Ayub Khan’s speech and Pak Army’s war stories. With more than 36,888 tweets, this hashtag started trending worldwide on Twitter.

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  • #یوم_دفاعِ_پاکستان

Only Urdu hashtag that became a part of top trends in Pakistan, and the only hashtag that was used by people from every political party, Urdu news accounts and tweeters who like to tweet in Urdu mostly. Hashtag grabbed more than 14,687 tweets and became 2nd most popular on Pakistan Defense Day.

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  • #DefenseDay

Its an organic hashtag used by major media accounts, brands and people who don’t like to use political hashtags. More than 2,414 tweets have been posted using this hashtag.

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  • #BraveLionsOfPakistan

Earlier you saw PTI’s social media people used ‘Tigers’ in their Defense Day hashtag, likewise PMLN’s social media wing used word ‘Lions’ and tweeted about love between Pak Army and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. You will see more than 2,370 tweets with this hashtag.

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  • #SonehraPakistan

Brands and social media agencies don’t miss days like Defense Day, Independence Day or Eid. This hashtag was initiated by Sonehri Bank with help of their social media agency. People, who were hired by the agency, highlighted war stats and delicious food together in a single hashtag on Defense Day. More than 2,065 tweets were recorded in this thread.

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