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Outrage Over Mahira Khan’s Pictures: Another Proof of Our Primitive Thinking


Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor spotted in New York, USA / via ranbirkapoorfanclup

Within a short time of Mahira Khan’s photos appearing on the social media, Pakistani people took it upon themselves to talk about an issue which was not their concern. All kinds of brigades which include moral and ethics brigade, religious brigade, patriotic image building brigade and all other such kinds emerged from underground and then began the series of specialist opinions.

Patriarchs like always dominated this debate and brought up every possible futile argument to prove that ‘smoking is injurious to women’s health’. It was as if they were shocked at the discovery of lungs in women’s bodies and their ability to smoke. Or do these people think that men’s and women’s lungs are different in structure? And what hurts women’s lungs do not hurt men’s lungs? But it hurts their egos to see a woman smoking.

One group clung to their image of ‘satti savatri’ and were not ready to give up on this image even if it meant talking ill about someone’s character. But those ethics and judgment values can sit at the back while we try and fix Mahira Khan for us. Because if it had been us instead of Ranbir Kapoor we’d have happily taken a shot with her.

Our upright Muslim brothers and sisters and those who might not even know the basics of religion otherwise, came up to save Islam in their naked displays and their filthy remarks not realizing that this action in itself was against Islam. Suddenly everyone was worried about Mahira Khan going to hell when most of them would have Bollywood songs booming on their car speakers and at their shadi gatherings, see the irony?

Last but not the least came the patriotic image building brigade. They thought that these images were damaging our country’s image. These are the same people who’ll easily throw garbage on roads, would honk the peace out at signals, would stare at women in bazars, would not contribute anything positive towards the nation building. But hey let’s talk about how a dress is ripping our image because… err that’s easier?

We Need to Learn to be Better

This incident and so many others speak for the amount of learning our nation still has to go through. This incident is so many things at so many levels. Loss of free will, lack of religious understanding, exploitation of opinions and religion’s name, invasion of privacy. If there is anything it has taught us is that we have to start our learning today. We have a long route of patience learning to cover.

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