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The Mystery Behind Mystery Boxes in Pakistan

Recently, the mystery box trend has struck the Internet by storm with every other YouTube-er jumping on the bandwagon of live unboxing of mystery boxes.

Before we further discuss the details of this trend, let’s discuss what is a mystery box? Mystery boxes are basically boxes who’s contents are a mystery until the owner unboxes them. These mystery boxes have been around for over a decade now but the trend only got hyped up in 2013 when PopSugar partnered to send limited edition mystery boxes with luxury goods to consumer’s homes. Since then, there’s no looking back.

Globally, Amazon and EBay currently have the largest market for mystery boxes where people are ready to pay thousands of dollars to get their own mystery box. The idea of mystery boxes seems intriguing to the masses. A shopper on Ebay went as far as biding £50,000 for a mystery box whose contents where absolutely unknown to her. Currently, the website has mystery boxes ranging from £500-£10,000 up for sale and they are selling like hot cakes.

This global trend was first started in South Asia by Asus where they sent a mystery box containing their Zen Phone to Indian bloggers and YouTubers. The trend made its way home last year when TCS Yayvo introduced mystery boxes in Pakistan with their ‘ismay kya hai?’ box. The box was sent as a PR package to prominent media persons with a set of rules regarding the instructions on how and when to open the box. The idea like it’s global counterpart turned out to be successful. Following suit, other brands like Mi Pakistan and Daraz.pk also jumped into the bandwagon of bringing the global trend of mystery boxes to Pakistan. Mi Pakistan recently sent mystery boxes in regard to the upcomi launch of four of it’s products while Daraz.pk is doing a mystery box with the name of ‘Azadi Box’ for the upcoming independence day celebrations.

With the advent of mystery boxes, subscription boxes also got hyped up. Currently several monthly and bimonthly subscription box services for books, stationary, makeup and personal hygiene are operational in Pakistan. Subscription boxes work on the principle of mystery boxes with the except the buyer knows the genre of the product.
These global trends are marketing strategies aimed at helping the brands cater to a larger market and a vast audience. These ideas are global and not the sole entity of any brand or peson. If a brand resorts to mystery boxes for the sake of marketing, we simply cannot accuse them of plagiarism because it is in no way a violation of copyrights. As citizens of a country with growing market for global ideas, we should be mindful of our accusations and resort to more respectful ways of pointing out flaws rather than downright pelting abuses and accusations at the brands and media houses.

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