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    The Most Googled Personalities in Pakistan in 2018

    I still remember how people kept saying that 2018 elections are all about Imran Khan and how he is the only favorite to become the next Prime Minister. Surprisingly, he didn’t make it to the top ten list of the most searched personalities in Pakistan.

    Here are the personalities that made it to the ‘Year in Search’ on Google in Pakistan:

    Bushra Maneka

    2018 was nothing short of rollercoaster ride for Bushra Maneka, which is probably why she bags the number one spot. Imran Khan proposed to her, there was a lot of speculation about how she looked like, her ex-husband got in trouble with the police and of course the whole fiasco Reham Khan.

    most googled pakistani - bushra manika imran khan

    Meghan Markle

    Meghan Markle is probably living the dream of every girl, as what she has accomplished is nothing short of a fairytale. The activist, actor and United Nations advocate for women became the first biracial American divorcee to marry an English Prince. What’s more, the royal couple also announced that they are expecting a baby and we all know how excited the audience can get about all this.

    most googled personalities in Pakistan 2018 Meghan

    Meesha Shafi

    Meesha Shafi was brave enough to get the #MeToo movement rolling in Pakistan by sharing her experience of sexual harassment. Although her allegations caused a major storm in the Pakistani film industry and media, majority of the people supported her for breaking the ice and asking other women in the industry to share their experiences as well.

    most googled pakistani - meesha shafi

    Reham Khan

    With Imran Khan rising to the top position in the corridors of power, it makes a lot of sense that Reham Khan remained in the spotlight too with her book, interviews, tweets, and various other media outlets.

    Sylvester Stallone

    Reprising his role as Rocky Balboa this year, Sylvester Stallone managed to be the fifth most searched person in Pakistan. Other than Rocky, Stallone is known for various other famous characters and is one of the most successful Hollywood actors alive today.

    most googled in Pakistan 2018 Sylvester Stallone

    Sonali Bendre

    Being told that you are suffering from an advanced form of cancer is not easy at all. The famous Humma Humma girl from Bombay revealed that she was suffering from Metastatic cancer and was undergoing treatment in New York. She has been keeping her fans updated through her social media accounts and trying to stay positive in this horrible situation.

    most googled in Pakistan - Sonali Bendre

    Atif Mian

    Ranked as the world’s top 25 youngest economist and expected to win a Nobel Prize in the future, Atif Mian caused quite a stir when he was included in the Economic Advisory Council in Pakistan even though he is an Ahmadi. There was a lot of uproar on social media, until he was finally asked to resigned to settle things down.

    most googled pakistani - Atif Mian

    Hanif Abbasi

    An influential political leader from PMLN, Hanif Abbasi was disqualified and handed a life sentence just four days before the general elections, causing widespread anger from the PMLN side. He was involved in misuse of certain medication and still remains in jail.

    most googled pakistani - hanif abbasi

    Iqra Aziz

    The pretty, talented and young (just 21) is a great addition to the Pakistani drama world and has won many hearts with her good looks and acting skills. She shot to fame with her successful soap opera, Suno Chanda, which aired during Ramzan this year.

    most googled pakistani - iqra aziz 1

    Sunny Leone

    Sunny Leone, well this is Pakistan. I wonder how far up she would have been if incognito and VPN searches would have been included.

    most googled in Pakistan- sunny leone

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