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    New Dawn: Meera’s Shoot with Mohsin Khawar

    Pakistani Lollywood actress Meera has always carried a certain distinct image which photographer Mohsin Khawar wanted to change up, giving her a different, unique look. Mohsin wanted to ensure that the work is appreciated, liked and is successful in accentuating Meera’s uniqueness.

    One day we were sitting with old friends from art college and it was suggested to me that I do such a shoot with Meera which surprises people. So I thought that we should style her in a way that has not been done before. Anaum Hammad was the stylist we brought on board and together we came up with the shoot concept”, explains Mohsin. 

    Meera shoot by Mohsin Khawar - New Dawn

    Overall it was a much appreciated shoot by everyone including Lollywood.

    It was a great experience working on this photoshoot and Meera was very humble, down to earth, she took direction very well as I kept guiding her on what pose I wanted for each shot. I was the most excited when I took the first look’s shot and showed it to her and she was so very happy with it. That pleased us a lot”, says Mohsin.  

    Mohsin Khawar is in the process of working out themes for other Lollywood actresses who have gotten in touch with the photographer to work with them.

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