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This is how you can save Pakistan from tsunamis

Mangroves in Pakistan

Part of Indus Delta in Pakistan used to be the home of Mangroves, small trees grow on coastlines, in the world. With the passage of time, number of mangroves have been decreased around Karachi, Thatta and Balochistan due to lack of fresh water from Indus river, cutting of woods, settlements around Karachi mangroves, industrial and municipal pollution, dumping of waste, oil spill and leakages, grazing and browsing by Camels.

mangroves in pakistan

These Mangroves are the home of migratory birds from other regions and protect Pakistani coastline from cyclones, typhoons and tsunamis. They help in stabilizing shorelines and in reducing coastal erosion, along-with being an important supplier of nutrient and oxygen. If we look at the wildlife and economic part, these mangroves are the nurseries for many species of fish and shrimp and can yield approx 100 kf of Fish, 25 kg of shrimp and 15 kg of Crab meat annually.

According to a research by Sindh Forest Department, 25% of population living in Indus Delta depend on Mangrove wood for cooking and heating purpose and more than 900,000 people reside in the Indus Delta.

By Agha Tahir Hussain

Fun Fact:

On 22 June 2013, Sindh Forest Department, Govt. of Sindh, Pakistan, with the help of 300 local coastal volunteer planters set the Guinness World through 847,250 mangrove saplings planted at Kharo Chan, Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan in a little over 12 hours. This is the highest number of saplings planted within a day under the Guinness World Record category of “Maximum Number of Trees Planted in a Day”.

Environmental Drives

The good news is that a few organizations are working to protect Mangroves Ecosystem in Pakistan including WWF Pakistan. They usually collaborate with big companies and invite them be part of Mangroves plantation at their sites at Indus Delta.

Sonehra Pakistan WWF Pakistan
by Saad Rawala

Recently, Soneri Bank took the initiative to hold an environmental beach cleaning drive and plantation of Mangroves in association with WWF Pakistan at Karachi’s Turtle beach. Their idea of restoring our natural habitat for the other living beings can be adopted by many  of us. This is beneficial not only for the Pakistan, also for the mother earth.


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