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    Malala Yousafzai Should Not Live In Pakistan

    Six years ago, Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban in Swat. Her crime? She wanted to go to school. While still unconscious, Malala was sent to England for further treatment. Ever since her recovery, Malala has continued her fight against Taliban through various ways. It was a defeat for the Taliban when she became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 2014. It was a slap in their faces when Malala continued her education and denounced them on every platform. The whole world listened to Malala’s story and if the hatred for the Taliban had been less before, it was breaking the scale of measurement after they attacked a little girl for studying.

    Malala Is Better Than All of Us:

    Unlike most of us, Malala does not only talk about girls’ education, she has opened up schools in Lebanon and Pakistan for young girls. She actively advocates for poverty and war-stricken people. Malala is only 20 years old and yet she has done more for Pakistan and the world that many of us won’t even do in our lifetimes.And yet we have the audacity to ask “What has Malala done for Pakistan?”

    Malala Comes Home:

    Yesterday, Malala returned to Pakistan after six years and expressed her wish to settle down here permanently. And although many people welcomed her with love and many yet expressed their support for Malala on Twitter, a huge number of people took to the internet to express their hatred for a girl who has never wronged them in any way imaginable.

    Our Capacity to Hate:

    Ours is a country where we deal in hate. It is the only thing you will find in abundance here. We just need a target. And God Forbid if we find a female target, we will stoop to the lowest level to express our hatred. Why Malala wants to move to a country where people say things like this?

    It’s always a conspiracy, isn’t it?

    Attack her character if you can’t think of anything else…

    And whose agenda is he following?

    So why is this tweet in English?

    I don’t have the heart to include the more hateful tweets but ever since I heard she wants to move to Pakistan for good, I can only think of one thing: You deserve better, Malala.

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