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A Letter From An Introvert

Dear World,

The word introvert is something that our parents and family members don’t really understand. They label someone who sits quietly at family gatherings and functions as someone who is shy, not someone who is an introvert. The thing is, although they might seem related to one another, an introvert is not necessarily someone who is shy and a shy person is not necessarily an introvert.

Being an introvert myself, let me tell you what we actually are like. Imagine us as a mighty fortress. It is impenetrable and only a few people know the code to the door. These people who know the code can get in and have the time of their lives with the introvert that sits within that fortress, through no one’s fault. It is just more comfortable that way.

Day and night our world is becoming more tolerant towards people who are different and the internet applauds them for their uniqueness. Would it be so hard to extend the same courtesy to someone who is an introvert?

We are not shy people and we don’t like to be quiet all the time. We like hanging out with people we are comfortable around and have things in common with. These people know when to leave us alone and give us our space because they know that we need it to recharge ourselves so we can get back to the world.

Alone time for us introverts is important. It doesn’t mean that we sit in a corner by ourselves and chant verses for Satan. No.

letter of introvert

It just means we do our own thing alone. I for one, read and draw. It is my thing. Everyone has their own. Sometimes we listen to music and binge watch entire TV shows. What extroverts do in a collective group, introverts do by themselves because sometimes for the comfort of their minds, it is necessary.

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It doesn’t mean we don’t also enjoy being around groups of people, for example, family events and parties our friends host. We enjoy listening to people more than we like talking to them and maybe in a world that is so lost in its own rhythm, people who listen are just as important as those who talk. We balance each other out.

You too might have a friend in your group of friends or a family member who doesn’t talk much and is given a lot of grief for it. It is better to understand introverts than to point fingers and make fun of them, which is what most people do when they find someone who is not as open and vocal as others are.

We cherish the effort our closest friends make and love them even more for understanding us.


An introvert who belongs in this world just as much as everyone else.

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