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Lahoris Get a Chance to Spend Chaand Raat with Ali Noor

As most of you know by now, Ali Noor from Noori has blessed his fans with a new vlog series that is available on his YouTube channel called ‘This is Ali Noor’.

With less than a week into the channel being active he has garnered over 1300 subscribers which is partly because the content is authentic and refreshing and partly because, well, he IS Ali Noor.

This is the first time in the history of Pakistani entertainment that any artist has opened up to his fans with such honesty. The crazy antics of the Noori clan, the cute quips between Mandana and Ali Noor and the insight into the lives of one of Pakistan’s biggest pop star is what keeps you wanting more. Whether you are a diehard Noori freak or just someone who genuinely enjoys good video content, you are going to get hooked.

In his most recent vlog, Ali Noor has announced that he will be setting up a bangles and mehendi stall at the Parking Lot of Bank Square Market, C-Block Model Town, Lahore. In his own words he says,

“I think this is my ultimate chance to become a millionaire so please bring your sisters, mothers, your girlfriends, your ex-girlfriends, that neighbor you had a crush on and now she is happily married with two kids, your grandmothers, your phuppis, khalas, chachees, tayees, your best friends and your not so good friends and even your teachers.”

Do you think this is a good idea for Ali Noor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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