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    Lahoris Can’t Get Enough of This Self Taught Chef’s Cookies

    Murrad Gillani started cooking when he was only 13 and that love affair with cooking has come a long way. Today, at 20 years of age, Murrad is baking and selling chocolate cookies in Lahore that everyone has fallen in love with. When I asked him how he got attracted to the idea of cooking, he gave me the most honest answer: “My reason behind cooking was solely my love for food.” Since a very young age, Murrad felt like he could just connect with food. The positive feedback from his family after his earlier attempts at cooking is what kept him going.

    Murrad Gil

    The Winds of Change:

    The year is 2018 and we are breaking stereotypes. We have black superheroes and we have young male chefs in this part of the world who are not afraid to follow their passions. When I asked Murrad whether he has faced any negative remarks about his work since our society thinks a man has no place in a kitchen, he said that people have been really kind in that regard and he has been blessed with love and appreciation from every corner. There are people who have criticized his cooking without even trying his food but Murrad doesn’t pay any heed to their harsh words. “Maybe people just like hating”, said Murrad.

    Cooking Needs Empathy:

    Julia Child, Paul Bocuse, Anthony Bourdain, and Wolfgang Puck are Murrad’s favorite chefs. When I asked Murrad what cooking and baking mean to him, he said that they are a way for him to express himself. “I think my food is what represents me. I connect through food. I think cooking needs a lot of empathy and I think I have that in me.” In a very short time, Murrad has achieved great fame solely on the basis of his talent. Everyone who ordered Murrad’s cookies loved them and came back for more. You can order them here and see for yourself.
    Murrad Gillani

    Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Your Heart:

    When I asked him what message would he like to send to people who have a passion but they are too afraid to follow it, he said, “Please don’t be afraid because we have too little time to live. Be who you are.” We can only hope that Murrad’s example will help more people to follow their dreams even if they are contrary to the gender stereotypes. More power to Murrad!

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