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How Pakistani Brands Campaigned Around ‘Ko Ko Korina’ – Twittstaan Weekly

Social media can be merciless when it comes bashing, trolling, hating and of course making funny memes.  This week it was Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir’s Ko Ko Korina rendition that gave the trolls the fuel to keep their social media pages active and their audiences entertained.

Although bashing a Coke Studio song is nothing new and is something that every wannabee great-taste-in-music does whenever a new song is released, this time the Pakistani audiences were genuinely upset, with a Federal Minister declaring it a “Massacre.”

The brands also decided to take this trend up a notch and decided to create marketing promotions from it. It all started when Donjon Pizza started offering 10% Discount to anyone who dares to listen to Coke Studio’s version of Ko Ko Korina. (A post that was later removed)

don jon koko korina

This clever and funny marketing strategy was soon picked up by Café Liquiteria who started offering 15% off to anyone who can listen to the “Fabulous” version of the song.

Telemart came up with a catchy slogan…

Evo Store took it a little too dil pe…

eva store koko korina

However, things started escalating…

And a little savage…

It wasn’t funny anymore when this restaurant went off to pull a marketing campaign by bullying Momina, rather than bashing the song itself. Later on, they removed the post and apologized.

brands momina koko korina 1

While it is always a good idea to pick up trends from the social media, Pakistani brands may need to understand when things become TOO MUCH and actually turn into cyber-bullying.

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