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    How Jeremy McLellan’s Biryani Tasted?

    Truth be told, I had no idea who Jeremy McLellan was until a few months ago when I heard he was raising funds to come to Pakistan. I saw a post here and there but didn’t look into it too much.

    So when I heard a gora was coming to my university soon, I decided to Google him and turns out; it was the same man! And honestly, I was not surprised, you don’t really hear often about white people broadcasting their impending visit to Pakistan.

    The ticket was slightly discounted at PKR 500 and I convinced A LOT of my friends to come with me to the show which had limited seating (200 tickets). All my friends had warned that they would make me pay them back if they didn’t laugh. I don’t blame them for not trusting me since my idea of comedy is Adam Sandler yelling for two straight hours in his movies.

    Anyway, I hoped to God that Jeremy would be funny for the sake of my wallet’s well-being! I practiced my fake laugh just in case he wasn’t; so I could tell my friends I found him funny while they had no sense of humor!

    To prepare for Jeremy’s show, I watched a few videos of his comedy shows on YouTube and made my friends watch them too. None of us were too impressed because most of the material we heard in the videos was first world problems and we couldn’t really relate to them.

    We had no idea what to expect from Jeremy. But we expected a few laughs since he had recently been crowned as one of the New Faces of Comedy at the Just for Laughs festival in Canada. Even at the show, Jeremy assured us this was a BIG deal.

    The show at FC College was Jeremy’s first show in Pakistan and on his second night in the country. He started right off the bat with some jokes about our politicians. In all fairness, he joked about both Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif; being a smart man, I suppose he’s not taking any sides.

    How Jeremy McLellan’s Biryani Tasted 2

    Jeremy McLellan in Pakistan – Image from his Facebook page

    But his jab at our politicians won over the crowd immediately. What followed was a foreigner’s take on Pakistan; what he had observed in the day and a half he had been here. And I have to say, Jeremy is a keen observer because his material was on point!

    I was a little skeptical at first. I didn’t want to come to a comedy show where a white man ridiculed my country and culture in an attempt at being funny. But in This Biryani Tastes Funny, Jeremy did it tastefully (pun intended).
    I kept looking over at my friends to make sure everyone was laughing, but I need not have worried since everyone was doubled over with laughter!

    One might have taken offense had they not seen Jeremy’s blatant love for Pakistan and Pakistanis. He talked about his interactions with Pakistanis and Muslims in America and you could tell he had a lot of affection for the people, religion, country, and culture.

    Overall, the show was great; money well spent! And props to Mr. McLellan for coming to Pakistan and for knowing how to correctly pronounce Pakistan and Muslims. Though he might want to work on his pronunciation of Pathan.

    P.S. follow McLellan on Facebook to keep up with his adventures in Pakistan.

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