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    ITHM Faisalabad – enabling the youth for a brighter future

    For long the talented youth of our country has suffered from negligence and sub-standard resources. With few opportunities in employment and almost no scope for merit-based careers, the youth of our country was pushed back. As we slowly began to progress and cultural norms began to dissipate, students began looking for wider career options than just our conventional doctors and engineers. Quickly, enough a need was felt for specialized institutes in other creative arts and fields as well. Very few professional institutes in the field of culinary, hotel management and tourism exist in Pakistan. The few that do exist are usually built in cosmopolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore. Smaller cities still remain barren of standardized institutes and vocational training centers. In a time such as this, ITHM was established in Faisalabad, the hub of textile, crafts and fine arts.

    ITHM Faisalabad students workshop.

    Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) is the country’s leading institute in the field of culinary arts, hotel management and tourism. Located in the 3rd largest city of Pakistan, Faisalabad, ITHM is one of a kind institute. Established by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) in 1988 with an objective to provide management focuses on practical-based education and training locally as demanded by the international Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

    ITHM’s mainstay programs provide students with a world class education, taught by an internationally recognized faculty. They are actively engaged in professional development of students, practices and research. ITHM is an institute that is your own because of your considerable trust, confidence, conviction, which certifies its absolute success.      

    How does ITHM help students work locally and internationally?

    ITHM empowers its students for nationally and internationally recognized qualification. With an international curriculum, ITHM provides small class sizes that ensure an effective outcome. They emphasize real world training and development through internships, projects and corporate social activities.

    ITHM Faisalabad - enabling the youth for a brighter future

    Locally ITHM is offering wide range of different jobs in par with the industry demands. Students who complete their educational program or Diploma are prepared for interviews by the ITHM Job Placement Cell.  Whenever any industry recruits, it joins hands with ITHM for Staff hiring. From front office services to Managerial levels, housekeeping to Kitchen services, ITHM is with its students throughout their early professional careers.

    ITHMIAN’s can study abroad in programs at the world best, colleges and universities in U.S.A, U.K, Malaysia, France, Switzerland, South Africa and Cyprus. ITHM assists students in program and credit transfer to foreign universities. ITHM has affiliations with prestigious institutes like International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) USA, City and Guilds (UK), Alliance Francaise, European Hotel and Tourism Schools, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (Australia).  In addition to this, ITHM is also a proud member of European Hotel and Tourism schools. On completion of courses, students get PSW and can start working in these countries. ITHM helps its students avail international employment and job opportunities.

    Success stories

    ITHM has molded lives of many. They are the reason behind some very successful dreams.

    ITHM student Muhammad Aurangzaib, completed his Diploma in Food and Beverage Services (Level 02) from Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) Faisalabad. He got internationally employed at Movenpick Hotel Hajar Tower, Makkah, Saudi Arabia as a Restaurant Supervisor.

    “As my passion was to become a CHEF, I choose the Professional Cook program from Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Faisalabad. Later on I got to know that this training is Competency Based Training and was based on 100% practical tasks. Our teacher was fully trained with this technique and was a certified Assessor. She focused on each and every student individually as our course was totally based on modular assessments…”. This is what Ayesha Mirza has to say about her experience at ITHM. She is now working at Serena Hotel, Faisalabad.

    ITHM Faisalabad - enabling the youth for a brighter future

    Presenting to you another success story from ITHM. Salman Arshad who graduated from ITHM with a Diploma in Reception Services (Level 02). Now employed at Delmon Hotel, UAE as Reservation Officer, he is an inspiration to many of our aspiring students.

    “I visited ITHM College and enrolled myself in Domestic Skilled Worker course. This course was based on 100% practical and I learnt multi-tasking in this course like Cooking, Food and Beverage services, Manage household activities and know about Professional norms and Management skills… After completing this course and CBT training I got the opportunity in Circle Club Faisalabad referred by ITHM College as Assistant Events and Activities Supervisor with a good salary Package. Professional Norms and Management Skills that I have learnt in this course helped me a lot on my job to perform my activities efficiently and effectively.” Humera Yasmin, Event and Activities Supervisor, Circle Club Faisalabad.

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