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    Irfan Junejo’s Latest Vlog About Khuzdar Is More Than Just About Traveling

    If you follow a few famous Pakistani Instagrammers, you may have seen all the beautiful places of Pakistan through their posts. Or at least you would think you have seen all of them. But your views will change once you watch Irfan Junejo’s latest vlog.

    Khuzdar Balohistan

    via Irfan Junejo’s YouTube channel

    Irfan Junejo (@irfanjunejo) is a Pakistani vlogger whose subtly funny and uniquely random videos have made him a YouTube star in Pakistan. In between hanging out with famous footballers and visiting faculties, Irfan Junejo also posts travel guides about heavenly places of Pakistan. His latest video is a guide to Khuzdar, Balochistan.

    We rarely see people traveling to and talking about far off places of Balochistan. There are always the usual concerns. “The security situation is not good”, “roads are in bad conditions”. And surely, people said the same things to Irfan Junejo. But he decided to go anyway. And after seeing his vlog, you will come to the conclusion that the concerns were baseless after all.

    irfan junejo khuzdar vlog

    Image Courtesy: Irfan Junejo’s YouTube

    Irfan Junejo’s destination was Moola Chotuk. Moola is a beautiful village 80km away from Khuzdar. Situated at an elevation of 1,237 meters, Moola has the scenic waterfalls of Chotok. The surrounding cave-like mountains enhance the beauty of the waterfalls and make the whole experience otherworldly. River Moola, the largest river of the Khuzdar distract flows through these mountains.

    Reaching the waterfalls of Chotok is not an easy task. If your body is not used to the exertion, you shouldn’t go on this trip. But if you make that extra effort to reach Chotok, the blue waters of River Moola will make it all worthwhile.

    The best part about Irfan Junejo’s guide to Khuzdar is that he didn’t sugarcoat anything. He showed the poverty, talked about the electricity problem. But he also removed the misconceptions and proved that anyone can travel to Balochistan safely. Although, he did recommend that you don’t go alone.

    Watch Junejo’s guide to Khuzdar, Balochistan here:

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