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    Instagram replaces its ‘Activity’ tab for ‘Shop’ in new global test

    Facebook is trying to experiment with a new feature on Instagram; swapping the ‘Activity’ tab on the navigation bar with the new ‘Shop’ tab. This feature was announced in May and is rolled out in the US for now. The ‘Activity’ tab is not entirely removed; it is shifted to the top right section of the News Feed. This change in the layout is made to provide ease of accessibility for the ‘Shop’ icon. Moreover, users can now directly access the tab on their navigation bar to shop for their favorite products.

    New updates to Instagram ‘Shop’

    Slight changes are made to the functionality of the icon from the previous “Shop” experience that U.S. users were able to reach through the “Shop” button in Instagram Explore. The new design comes with a ‘filter by category’ option. Users can filter products categorically, for instance clothing and accessories, jewelry, watches, and beauty, etc. In addition to this, the new version will not allow you to check out directly from the app’s universal cart for some products. You could be redirected to the retailer’s official website to process your order and complete the transaction process. With the said feature retailers can tag their products and redirect traffic to their websites.

    Instagram ‘Shop’ is still in the testing phase

     Instagram is testing out two distinct versions of ‘Shop’ to determine the best way to launch this feature globally in the future. A spokesperson of the company said: “This is a small global test of the Instagram Shop tab that was announced in May. We’ll use this test to assess how we decide to roll this out further.” The management will use the results of this test to determine how it will roll out the ‘Shop’ feature in the days to come. If the test does not successfully increase Shop traffic and conversions, it is possible the company could drop the idea and make no changes at all.

    Consequently, some users did come forth to comment about the new feature, saying they prefer the old layout. However, considering the current pandemic, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are now our go-to option for online shopping. Businesses have increasingly set up their profiles on these Medias and users find it convenient to shop from here. These platforms are not just social networking sites anymore; they are rapidly becoming business hubs as well.

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