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Instagram Pakistan Series: unmaderhyme

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

Second interview for Instagram Pakistan Series. Amjad Nawaz is a Pakistani Instagrammer from Lahore.

Instagram Username: @unmaderhyme

629 Posts


435 following

Will photograph you for free food, hire me if you are cheap and can not afford a professional photographer ✉: unmaderhyme@gmail.com 👻: dead.man

Tell us about yourself, Amjad.

My name is Amjad Nawaz, and I’m 30 – A businessperson graduated with majors in Human Resource Management, Alhamdulilah wedded and father of a child. I run an import company that specializes in imports of interior furnishing products and other construction materials. Now that was a general intro I usually came up with when asked by someone. But if you really ask me who I am? Well, I am someone (who’s not really comfortable sharing his secrets with anyone yes ANYONE). My friends used to call me electrician, mechanic and engineer. That’s because I’m “the guy” to go to if you have messed up your electronics, mostly laptops and mobile phones. My family well they say “hurr waqt doston ko priority dayta hai” (every time I prioritize my friends over my family) which is actually true and at times I just cant help it. A huge gadget freak and someone who would invest more on shoes then on clothes.

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

What do you love about Instagram?

People would say it’s a great platform to showcase your work. Well yes that’s true if you are a professional photographer. For someone like me who didn’t even know how to use a simple camera before Instagram, it taught me how to look at things with a different perspective, gave me a portal to express myself with images showcasing how great my country is and the people who live in it. Another thing I love about Instagram is how they have managed to build a huge community out of it and for someone like me who’s mostly traveling to new cities, through this app I have met some amazing people around the globe.

How are you inspired?

One word “Perseverance”. I have heard so many “No”s and “Yaar teray say nahi hou ga” in my life that now I have utmost belief in myself if someone can do it, with some hard work I can do it too. Back in the days when I first joined Instagram, I used to look at the amazing shots people used to post and would think ‘oh well I can never do it, lets stick to clicking some flowers with some depth of field’ because to me, that was the best i could do but after I saw some real local talent and that is where I thought oh well if they can do it at least I should try it.

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

What are some of the countries you’ve visited?

Well, not a huge list most of them are in Far East Asia and Middle East – China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia on the far east side and Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia in the middle eastern side.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Beginning business at 18 years old, working close by studying and dealing with a not too bad CG PA along a settled business following 7 years of struggle is my just most noteworthy accomplishment however I am not done yet there’s far to go and to many things to be finished.

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

When and why did your popularity start to pick up with Instagram?

I used to show my shots to my family before posting them on Instagram and 99% of my shots were inside the four walls of my house and one day my dad said “Bahir nikal ker photos lia karou” (Go out and snap pictures). That is when I started posting street photography, architecture which helped gain some traction however I think the genuine defining moment was the point at which I started exploring the Mughal Architecture this is what people actually wanted to see at that time and not many local instagrammers were doing this back then.

For those Instagram photographers who want to travel like you, can you give them some tips?

Well, every time I travel its business related however as of late what I have been doing is including an extra day or two to my arrangement just to explore the city and in the event that you have no clue about the city you are going to get hold of a nearby instagrammer, they are all over the place and 90% of the time they will follow along to shoot with you.

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

What do you think people look for in an Instagram photo? Do you think the photos should tell a story?

Instagram is huge and with so many users the benefit is that there’s audience for every type of quality work you post. If you are good at drawing you will find people who appreciate it, if you shoot in black and white there’s an audience for that too. What most important is that your work should speak of the effort you’ve put in to capture that said moment. Some of the most popular images are of rooftops and that is because they come with a level of risk and 99% of the time you have to sneak past security to get to the top that is why people love watching such images.

Coming to the second part its important to have at least one aspect to a photograph either it should tell a story or it should be a well composed shot. Mainly there’s two type of photography one that you saw something beautiful you captured it (that is something everyone can do standing at the same direction having a decent camera) but what sets you apart from random photographers is to wait for the moment, letting story unfold or compose a creative shot which speaks for the effort you have put in. That is what’s important in a photo.

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

Are you always in the mind frame to shoot?

I wish this was the case but with so many things in mind already composing a shot is the last thing that would come across my mind. That’s why I separate my work schedule from my photoshoot days. I need to have my perfect gear, my day off of work and a very pleasant weather in order to really motivate myself to shoot.

What color would you say you photograph the most?

For me they change over time, recently I have been capturing a lot greys, whites and beige. Earlier, most of my sky used be on magenta side with bright-colored architecture. I think if you scroll down my gallery you we see almost every color in my photos.

What is your process for taking the perfect photo, and where do you find your inspiration?

I scout for locations and when it hits my mind I start with how I can use this site whether it’s a wall or a door way or even straight lines. Recently, I’ve been trying to add human element to my architectural shots. Most of the times I ask my fellow instagrammers to model for me and when am shooting alone I wait for strangers to cross my frame. Beautiful architecture inspires me.

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

Would you like to say anything to your friends, fans and followers via Twittistaan?

If you are reading this chances are you are either one of my close friend or one of those people who motivate me everyday (others call them fans and followers). I would just like to use this space to thank you all for your love and support your appreciation and criticism has helped me to date. Keep them coming so that i can further learn. Also, if you are one the frequent readers at Twittistaan, thanks a lot for reading this and thank you Ahsan for conducting this interview, your effort of providing an alternate platform for us is highly appreciated. If anyone of you would like to directly communicate with me they can email me: unmaderhyme@gmail.com

Instagram Pakistan: unmaderhyme

Interviewed by: @clickaey

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