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Instagram Pakistan Series: Mahoor_Jamal

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

This is the first interview of our Instagram Pakistan Series where we will publish interviews of Pakistani instagrammers who are doing great and positive work using the platform.

Mahoor Jamal is a Pakistani Instagrammer from Peshawar city.

Instagram Username: @mahoor_jamal

435 Posts


560 following

See that ‘H’ in my name? Good. You may stop calling me MahNoor now. Peshawar, Pakistan. www.facebook.com/emjay22.11.12

Tell us about yourself, Mahoor.

I’m 21, a fashion design student, an introvert and a huge Sherlock fan, somebody who replies faster to Facebook messages than text/WhatsApp messages that remain unread for God knows how long. I am tall, clumsy and I walk so fast that my friends literally have to run to catch up with me. I’m afraid of clowns. I hate coffee. I have a massive sweet tooth. Strawberry is my least favorite ice cream flavor. Even though I love chocolates, I never buy them. I spend more money on art supplies than anything else. I’ve always hated stuffed toys. and oh I love Desi food.

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

How are you inspired?

People or places, a movie or a good book, a painting or a few scribbles, chaos or serenity, anything can be inspiring.

How has IG changed your daily life?

Instagram is like my daily dose of inspiration and motivation. I made some really good friends here. I got to get my work across a larger audience. I’d like to mention that I ended up working with my favorite designers through Instagram. Almost 80 percent of the paid artworks I’ve done so far are for people who connected with me through Instagram.

Summing it all up, it’s basically how they show the life of a girl ‘before’ and ‘after’ she uses a fairness cream in those TV commercials lol.

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

How would you describe your style as an IG photographer/artist?

I enjoy photographing my art, more than I enjoy working on it. Talking about style, I like keeping my compositions simple, playing around with strong light and shadows and editing my photos using the HB2 or C1 presets in VSCO cam.

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?

This is just the hardest question ever! I have many favorites and I’m sure I’d forget to mention some. Here are a few names I have in mind right now: @unmaderhyme @bernulia @apaali @mahrukh94 @totallytrashed @myselfkumail @fizlicius @fictionography

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

Do you ever join in on Instagram’s #projects, like #tbt or weekend #hashtags?


Share a happy moment from your childhood.

The day we moved to our new house is the happiest childhood memory I can think of.

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

What are some of your favorite spots in Peshawar? (You can include locations, restaurants, coffee shops etc)

I’d be very honest about the fact that I don’t like public places. So, I’d be the worst tour guide ever if somebody asks me to show them around Peshawar. Hence the only favorite place I can think of is Islamia College, not only because of its architectural beauty, but because it brought some major changes in my life during the two years I studied here.

Who would you like to sketch live and why?

If it would have been a celebrity, I’d definitely have named a single person, but I’m more interested in sketching people who I actually admire. My favorite teachers, my best friends, my favorite artists and of course some of my favorite people from Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A nice cup of tea (kadak chai), muffins, a sketchbook and an invisible cloak or a nice little corner to sit so no one stares at me while I sketch, is my idea of perfect happiness. But I think having a refrigerator full of stuff like muffins, ras gullay, ras malai, jalebi, puddings, cheesecakes, Jell-O and ice creams, would be nice too.

Do tell us about your professional sketching services, and how can people connect with you for that?

I take orders for portraits and I am a freelance fashion illustrator as well. People can connect with me on my Facebook page EMJAY.

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

Anything you would you like to share via Twittistaan?

There’s just one thing I’d like to share. Not that everything is about competition, but if you’re passionate about something, try to be the best at it. Being ‘good’ at it is simply not enough. It just takes practice and patience.

Instagram Pakistan: Mahoor Jamal

Interviewed by: @clickaey


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