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Instagram Pakistan Series: effneck

instagram pakistan interview effneck

Featuring today on Instagram Pakistan series is Kadir Khan, an art director and avid Instagrammer from Karachi. He’s one of the few people who’ve been suggested by Instagram from this region and quite a reachable person contrary to his image on the digital front.

Instagram Username: @effneck

309 Posts
225 Following

ⓚ ⓐ ⓓ ⓘ ⓡ ⓚ ⓗ ⓐ ⓝ • Art Director • Effneck@gmail.com • Snapchat : eff.neck •

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Tell us about yourself, Kadir Khan.

For the thirty past years of my life, I have always been passionate about photography. I am an art director by profession, but a very instinctive photographer. My personality traits tend to be towards an introverted and disciplined person. I need my tasks done on time, even something like having my tea – which also led to an interest of photographing latte art. I am a self-taught artist and use to draw cartoons and dabble in taking photos in the past but the one person who truly was an inspiration to me was Zaid Soomro, my best friend. He gave me that final push I needed to take my photography to the professional level. Back in 2008 when I was in Dubai I started my photography professionally and to date the journey has been full of experiences and taught me a great deal. My father has also been one of my biggest supporters.

instagram pakistan interview effneck

What inspires you to photograph and share on Instagram?

If you are referring to true inspiration, unfortunately I am still searching for it. My photos basically depict my current mood. It is not limited to a specific genre and I do not follow themes, but whatever drives me is essentially the current mood or state of mind that I am in. I capture the moments, seasons, colors, and whatever the mood at the time says. A couple of years ago, when I joined Instagram, I found it a better and bigger platform for picture display as compared to other social media sites (which are significant in number) and that is what drew me to it and enabled me to share my work with the Instragram world.

Do you have any training in photography and what feelings do you aim to capture?

As I mentioned before, that photography has always been a part of my life, and I did take training at a professional level to tighten my grip on it. But it all goes back to what I said about the mood, so I don’t just capture specific feelings. Photographs I take seem to be happy and cheery to cheery people, and yet emotional and deep to others. Everyone interprets it differently, and for me what attracts me toward itself, never goes uncaptured.

instagram pakistan interview effneck

Looking at the number of coffee shots in your feed, what’s the motivation? Also, where can one find the best coffee in your city?

To be honest, the only thing about coffee that attracts me is the latte art. I liked latte art even before I actually started to take photos of it. A friend of mine was brilliant at this art and that was the motivation. After he went abroad, Gloria Jeans somehow took over his role. But the sad part is that Karachi totally lacks a coffee shop that do a good latte art. If there is one that has good latter art, then I’d have been there every day to capture the charm.

What’s your view on hashtags and do you use any?

As far as I’m concerned, hashtags are useful in the Instagram world. It keeps you connected and gives you a quick approach to a related picture type. I don’t have any hashtags of my own yet, as it is quite a job to maintain Instagram with all these already created hashtags. But lately I have been thinking of creating one, and that would probably be coffee related.

instagram pakistan interview effneck

What’s your biggest achievement? Instagram and otherwise.

What I am today says a lot about it and secondly “getting suggested” by Instagram itself is obviously my biggest achievement to date, especially considering how uncommon it is. Still, it is only the beginning and I am looking forward to much more.

What’s a typical day in the life of Effneck, the suggested user and Kadir Khan, the common man?

I wake up early, have my tea, and afterward I get to the work. Besides that I do my “to do list” and along with it I always need my tea on time.

instagram pakistan interview effneck

Are you always in the mind frame to shoot? Tell us about your dream location to visit and photograph.

About 16 years old Kadir Khan? (Little boy) then yeah!! All the time! But now that life has totally changed for obvious reasons and of course even if you are a photographer it’s not always that you’re in a mood of photographing things and more importantly the circumstances. You can’t capture all the things all the time, because you do not carry your camera all the time and sometimes you have everything in hand but you are not in the right mood. So that’s the drill.

Share with us a happy memory from your childhood.

Batman. I was a Batman fanatic. Collecting Batman action figures sums up all my happy childhood memories.

instagram pakistan interview effneck

instagram pakistan interview effneck

What message would you like to convey to your friends, followers, fans and people who look up to you via Twittistaan?

Just stop being fake, stop being stupid. That’s dumb come on everyone.

Interviewed by @pahujapriyanka


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