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The Inspiring Life of Zubaida Aapa: The Woman Who Accomplished Her Goals on Her Own

Remember when you got sick as a kid (the seasonal flu or the cough that just wouldn’t leave) and the treatment your mom used to come up with? She would take out that notebook where she had written down words of wisdom transferred to her by Zuabida Aapa and find a natural treatment for you. And that remedy always worked. That’s how you knew you could trust Zubaida Aapa. She wasn’t just a person on the TV, she was a part of our lives. Every time you needed a recipe or a totka, it was Zubaida Aapa you turned to.

Zubaida Aapa was also a fashion icon to many ladies. She was a trendsetter with her elegant sarrees and colorful bangles and inspired many women to pay more attention to their own wardrobe.

But the most inspiring thing from Zubaida Aapa’s life is also the most underappreciated one. Zubaida Aapa made a name for herself when the concept was alien to most women of our country. She was born into a family of intellectuals and artists and never once backed down from chasing her dreams. She led a fully accomplished public and private life. The story of her life is a motivating force for every woman who has dreams and wants to fulfill them on her own.

Like all the important people in our lives, we never expected to lose Zubaida Aapa. But last night our beloved Zubaida Aapa passed away and left us in shock and mourning. People from all walks of life tweeted to express their sadness after the news was announced on the social media. Everyone loved Zubaida Aapa and will now miss her for the rest of their lives.

Zubaida Aapa has left us but she will always be a part of our lives through her recipes, her tips, and pieces of advice. Every time you encounter a problem in the kitchen, Zubaida Aapa’s words will be there to help you. We miss you, Zubaida Apaa and we are grateful for the knowledge you shared with us.

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