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Indian Band Sang Pakistan’s National Anthem and Pakistanis Can’t Stop Appreciating it

After living together for centuries, the people of sub-continent parted ways in August 1947. It did not take long for them to become rivals because of the politics of both countries. Although after many years, the rivalry looks only strong when there is an India Pakistan cricket game or when politicians give it heat. The nations of both countries still want peace and by their gestures, they have proved it. The Indian Acapella Band Voxchord sang National Anthem of Pakistan for Pakistan’s 70th Independence day and termed it a “Gift to our neighbors”. Unbelievably, they didn’t say a single word wrong and made it a combination of perfect voice and tune.

Here is the national anthem for you:

Pakistanis’ reaction about Indians singing their National Anthem was more than welcoming; they appreciated each and every bit of it. On every social media platform, there were hundreds of Pakistanis who sent their best wishes and appreciation to the Indian singers.

national anthem

national anthem

Some of the Indian people were very supportive towards the band for their peace loving act.

national anthem

And some demanded Indian National Anthem from Pakistan as well.

national anthem

For that, some Pakistanis are ready to do it ASAP. Wow!

national anthem

It is not a surprise that after the partition the only thing was music which has been a massive defense against all the hate from both sides. Again this time, music has made us love each other because after all, we are the same people, people who were living together and sharing many traditions before the partition. Now even if we are apart, we will take love over hate, humanity over vanity and peace over war. We speak the same language, we wear same dresses, and we eat the same food, then why all the hate? Let’s all stop this before we get into a bigger trouble, let’s fight against politics, let’s all fight against the brainwashing that media from both sides have been doing. We will not hate and we will not let them hate. We will show more gestures like this and we’ll keep ‘Aman ki Asha’ alive. We wish both of the countries very good luck!


  • Salman tahir
    August 16, 2017

    Its should be supported to promote peace…we are thankful that they sing psk anthem….)

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