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The Mine Is Bigger Than Yours Race in South-Asia. Who Cares? It’s How You Use It

A middle class man’s rant calling for regional peace and harmony.

Recently the so called leaders of India and Pakistan bashed each other brutally on the international stage at the United Nations conference. Although I have my doubts about the role of United Nations itself, but there is no doubt it is a very important international conference that has a very large reach. If you did not follow these speeches, I highly doubt it considering the South Asian obsession with politics, check it out if you want, it was a complete shit show. If however you do not want to waste your time upon the bashing of these people who we only know from the media, or unless you are “very lucky” you might have a photo hanging in your room shaking hands with one of them (wow), if you do know them personally it is unlikely that you are reading this, I don’t blame you. On a side note, Donald Trump, that lunatic went on for twice the time than the others, wow, what leadership, what power. D*ck!

Anyhow, if your sensitivity is still not completely crushed by watching the bashing of each other by our politicians then scroll down to the comment section and get your heart broken at the shit people from Pakistan and India barked at each other. Extremely violent, vulgar, destructive comments towards each other’s faiths and families. Funny, the partition of India (and Pakistan) was based on religion, neither of these religions promote such behavior, instead it does tolerance. I myself am an optimist and will remain, because hope is the strongest hope that we have. All this gave me a flashback of to the time when I posted on the dawn.com forum that it deeply saddens me that I haven’t been able to travel India yet, and I expressed my hope of a day when there is peace and the borders are more relaxed (or perhaps there are none) so people could move around here and there in the South Asian region, trade could prosper, to be able to make friends cross borders, real and honest art and cultural exchange would be frequent. It took me twenty six years, until I came to Germany to meet the first Indian in my life, although they are neighbors. Neighbors! Is this not sad? Well apparently, not. A couple of hours later when I checked my facebook again (yes, I resisted couple of hours) I got completely shit faced, so did my mother so did, who had nothing to do with this, well let’s not get me started here. What I said was intolerable. Never could they ever imagine this. Working with people SO DIFFERENT FROM THEM.

sinking boat pakistan india

The reason of this intolerance could be rooted in many reasons some are deeply rooted in our lack of awareness of our own history, also the intentional narrative which is presented in our hi(story) books. Simple facts such as the Etymology of the word India comes from Indus (Gruzinski, 2015), of course our beloved river, the cradle of one of our biggest and most successful civilizations, which flows in Pakistan. Our history, cultures and fate are intertwined very closely together. Secondly, the obsession of keeping ourselves aware and interested in politics and mainstream media as its primary source of knowledge and believing it as the truth and wasting much of our times passively consuming it. This keeps our minds folded in the often manipulative intentions of the ruling classes. Even could lead to many psychological troubles (probably has, excuse the lack of facts here).

Although it is great to be aware of current and political affairs, we must understand that it is not the only source of knowledge. We must understand and agree, that our region is going through a particularly distressful time in its history, no matter how much one blames the other, the whole boat is sinking here. And there is only one way forward, it is to work together. In my mind, there is an objective agreement when looking at the conditions of infrastructure, corruption and other internal problems in the nations of the subcontinent that we could definitely benefit from the budget which would be used in a mine is bigger than yours military affair. Let’s also take it easy for the jawaans on our borders, they can surely handle it and will give this country their lives, and already have but why should they? when they could rather not? We must understand that the politician’s job is to serve us and the country. If they would not do it, we at least should not let their judgments and hate speeches cloud our thinking. As posed in one of the earlier articles on Twittistaan, the white in the flag of Pakistan stands for tolerance, so let us show our tolerance and our love. In this turbulent times let love, hope and tolerance set the chains of our fate free. Let this 800 word rant be a call for solidarity in South Asia, as a last resort.

Kya samjhay? Nai? Nai bani baat? Jang ka scene hay? Phadday karne hain? Gaalian bakni hain? Chalo theek hay boss, ham bhi bethay hain phir kashti main kuch aur din, aik do aur baatain karlaingay, aik do aur geet gay laingay. Chalain jee. All the best.

P.S: Don’t shit face me on this one, if there is a comment section here let’s talk about your thoughts. 

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