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Helping Thar – A campaign to make Thar a model village

Helping Thar Campaign

175+ children have died because of hunger. There’s no infrastructure. Please help Taimur Rehman in saving these innocent lives and giving them a good standard of living.

About the Initiator:

TaimurRehman — He is an IT entrepreneur and head a company ‘webmekanics’. He is also working as a Web Consultant for UNICEF for End Polio in Pakistan. With this, he is also into reviving the lost art form of story-telling and have performed at TEDx, Children Literature Festival – Islamabad & South Asian Literature Festival – London. He participates in social issues/causes and it was last year when he volunteered in the same way for Joseph Colony incident which took place in Lahore.


Helping Thar Campaign:
It all started on the evening of 7th March, 2-14 when Taimur came across a photo of a dead child from Thar in his Facebook news-feed. The caption said the child has died because of hunger. So Taimur called up a few friends and tried to dig in as to what’s going on in Thar and everyone said there’s famine and children are dying. He hung up the phone and looked at the picture for a good minute or two. Somewhere in between he saw his son as well, but then quickly came out of the thought. This happened two or three times to an extent he had to close down his laptop.

Taimur is a father of a 3 year adorable boy and he just couldn’t come to terms that a child has died of hunger. He choked. He couldn’t breathe. The very next moment, he created a Facebook page www.facebook.com/helpingtharand shared with his friends. Surprisingly within hours, he had people liking the page and commenting on stuff he was posting. He made a call for donations. In the meanwhile, he contacted Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation for logistics, food buying, Thar situation etc and they teamed up.

Within 10 days Taimur managed to raise $10,000 with the help of friends. He went to Lahore and with Michelle Chaudhry’s support (Head of CICF) they bought 100 ration packs for 100 families (average size: 6) lasting a month. The ration pack included: 10Kg Flour, 5Kg Rice, 5Kg Daal (5 types), Wheat, Barley, 5Kg Banaspati Ghee, Iodized Salt, Rooh Afza, Toilet Soap & Laundry Soap). In parallel, he contacted Nestle and they gave 3000 water cans, 5 ltr each which he transported from Hyderabed to Mitthi. All this happened within days and he was able to send a truck of food from Lahore to Mitthi which reached there in 2 days. All this stuff was distributed amongst families there with proper details as in Name & Family Number (written on NIC Cards). This quick action was taken just to facilitate families and save them from malnutrition. This was Phase-I.

This campaign is important to Taimur for one reason: He loves humanity. He cannot come to terms that someone can die of hunger. He wants to give what all he can to the people of Tharparkar, Pakistan.

Taimur is now moving towards a more sustainable model to be implemented in Thar and actually make it a model village. Following are a few areas where he is working on these days:

1. Water
2. Sanitation
3. Education (A Primary & Middle School)
4. Community Centre (Where inter-faith harmony is THE focus and people are allowed to practice their faith/religion freely)
5. Children Parks
6. Low Cost Housing – Solar Powered (2 bedrooms, courtyard, one toilet)
7. Financial Assistance for small business (with minimum $500. The model is to give this money to the owner and get 10% back every month he/she earns from the profit. Invest this amount into a mutual fund every month and give all the money back to them after a year)
8. Health & Hygiene Centre – With two doctors available full time

To support Taimur Rehman and contribute to the cause, join him on web and social media:


  • Clarry
    January 7, 2016

    Bretheren, what do you mean by no comments as yet? … Behain/bhai, i do feel for all human beings irrespective of their religious/political beliefs… I do not make promises that i cannot keep… I do feel deeply for all in Thar and yes, i’m so glad to hear that my lil friend (michelle chaudhry) did her utmost to help. I really don’t know, from where she gets this God given strength … I guess it’s coming from her mom/dad, whom i loved/admired ….. And yes, you are most welcome to give michelle my email address…. Love /God bless clarry

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