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Government of Pakistan just had a bizarre moment on Twitter

The government of Pakistan is certainly making progress when it comes to adopting digital tools in a bid to improve governance and connecting with the people of Pakistan on a more personalized level. Just a week ago, the official Twitter account of the federal government held a poll to let Pakistanis choose their favorite sweet, which later went on to become the national sweet of Pakistan.

Today however, the government had a bizarre moment when they tweeted a quote from Bill Gates and then deleted it later on. Here it is:

govt of pakistan bill gates quote twitter

The tweet was spotted straight away by Fatima Bhutto who went on to ensure that everyone can still read it on Twitter.

Now, there are two things wrong with this.

One, the tweet was addressed to the citizens of a third-world country, where almost 25% people live in multi-dimensional poverty.

Second, the quote itself has two grammatical errors which surprisingly wasn’t spotted by anyone in the social media team of government of Pakistan.

Another funny thing about this quote is that it is not confirmed whether Bill Gates has ever said something like this or not.

While there is definitely a funny side to this tweet; let’s face it, acts like these reek of incompetence and irresponsibility. Pakistani government has a lot of influence and power on social media which should be used with care and diligence.

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