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Google’s latest project Shoploop, brings an interactive shopping experience

Tech companies are constantly trying to find innovative ways to make online shopping easier and convenient for consumers. Google is recently experimenting with an interactive shopping experience for its users. Google’s latest project, Shoploop, is a video shopping platform, in its final phase. The idea is to introduce users to products in less than 90 seconds; convey maximum product details and specifications in the shortest time.

Customers now use a combination of apps for shopping. Using Facebook or Instagram to browse, Youtube for tutorials and details, then finally, the product website to purchase. Jumping from apps in this manner can be very troublesome. Shoploop now brings the entire process on its own platform. Users will not have to switch between too many apps while buying online.

Shoploop will not be one of its kind as many similar apps and websites already exist which combine these features for online shopping. However, Google hopes to bring in traffic with its design and ease of use for a common man.

The Shoploop experience

According to Google, “the experience on Shoploop is more interactive than just scrolling through images, titles and descriptions on a traditional e-commerce site.”

Shoploop’s design is more interactive and precise. The team says it’s starting with products in categories such as makeup, skincare, hair and nails and its working with creators, publishers and store owners in this market for the app’s content. Products will have short video demos for a real-life, relatable feel. Users can save their product for later and instantly share with family or friends.

Shoploop can be a potential competitor

Shoploop could be a potential competitor for online shopping apps in Pakistan. As such no app or service similar to Shoploop exists in the country. With the ‘Google’ tag and innovative shopping experience, it could attract a large audience from Pakistan. The design and features can very easily capture the younger demographic, who find online shopping substantially convenient.

Shoploop is now available for smart phones and desktop versions, Check it out for yourself at https://shoploop.app.

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