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How Gillette Made Me Live My Bond Moments

We all recently witnessed the release of 24th film of the James Bond series and its premieres held in two major cities of Pakistan. I, along with a few of my friends and fellow micro-bloggers, got an opportunity to experience and live my Bond moments, thanks to Gillette. The Spectre premiere organized by Gillette held at Ocean Mall was not just a regular premiere, it was a celebration of the moments in every man’s life where he feels in control and confident. And moments like these are no coincidence, they come as a result of precise preparation.

Before heading towards the venue, I got an amazing complete makeover at N-Gents courtesy Gillette which did not just make me look my best but also felt extraordinary. They used Gillette Mach 3 to do my beard which is very comfortable and super convenient too. Wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’m hooked! And why shouldn’t I be! The shaving and styling experience was spot on. Not blowing my own trumpet, no. Take a look here and decide for yourself.

Spectre Gillette Look Your Best - Before After

Before and After My #GilletteLookYourBest Make-Over

Allow me to explain to you a little bit about the campaign which started on October 30th shortly after the release of Spectre, Gillette Pakistan linked their campaign #GilletteLookYourBest with the iconic action inspired by the world of James Bond to prepare men for their own Bond Moments. The inspiration came from the creator and author of James Bond, Ian Fleming. His quotes describing the ultimate “Bond Moments” were featured throughout the campaign across TV, print, online and in-cinemas. And Gillette made sure that we lived our moment at its best.

Providing a vast range of products for over a century, Gillette has been improving the looks (and thus, lives) of men all over the globe because your personality and appearance speak for you. And when you feel the most confident about it, you tend to perform well too.

Bond Moment at Gillette Spectre Premiere KarachiThe premiere itself was undoubtedly a hit. Attended by a large number of celebrities, journalists, socialites and bloggers. The famous TV personality Hassan Ahmed Kapadia hosted the red carpet of the event and asked the attendees to imitate the popular Bond one liner and asked different questions. The Bond backdrop was also arranged where we could go and strike the Bond pose, and feel like one too. Basically, every one present at the event felt like 007.

Sam Mendes, who previously directed Skyfall, returned to direct Spectre with Daniel Craig. The Bond looked sharp as ever in the movie alongside two beautiful women – Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux. The movie revolves around a secret organization called Spectre led by powerful men, one of whom happens to have a strong past with James Bond. And then Bond trying to save MI6 – mostly and apparently due to Bond’s actions and rogue missions. That’s all about the movie for now as I would not want to spoil it for you. Do go and watch it for yourself.

Here’s a video clip from the movie premiere at Cinepax, Karachi.


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