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    15 Tweets from GoT Urdu’s Account That Will Leave you in Stitches

    Game of Thrones (GoT) is a series which has captivated the entire world. Everyone awaits the next season of the show and fans constantly guess what will happen next. Pakistanis are no different as the show is a huge hit here as well. So much so that on the day a new episode comes out, everyone starts talking about it on Twitter and Facebook. On these days, you better stay away from social media if you don’t want spoilers.

    Pakistanis have the ability to find humor even in the bleakest situations. They just couldn’t miss the fun of turning Game of Thrones and its characters into memes. One of the most popular Twitter accounts for Game of Thrones memes is @GoT_Urdu. Here are some of the most iconic memes from the account:

    This was hands down one of the most devastating scenes of the entire series. But be honest, the tweet made you chuckle.

    I don’t know what was more nail-biting; the Panama verdict or Game of Thrones season finale. So here is a tweet that combined both of those together in a particularly funny way.

    I will be honest, this tweet made me laugh a lot. Considering what a serious scene this was and comparing it to having mehndi put on, that is funny.

    Considering that Daenerys’ dragons provide her with transport it is only apt for them to demand a good rating. Clearly, this is a jab at @careempak’s drivers asking for good ratings at the end of every ride.

    Personally, I loved Ed Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones even though he got so much negative feedback for it. So I am gonna go ahead and say I agree with this tweet.

    We all know Tormund and his harkatein. Pretty apt to compare him to your weird relative who makes you feel uncomfortable. We’ve all been there, right?

    We know that Daenerys wishes to go back to her land. So this picture with the tweet is pretty great at encapsulating exactly what she felt with a lyric from a patriotic song.

    We all know how both Jorah and Daario were in love with Daenerys. So this tweet is especially funny if you think about it.

    Pakistanis love Jon Snow and cricket. Combine both of these together and you have a pretty hilarious tweet.

    I always found Jorah to be a weird pedo uncle so this tweet seems a little morbid but also funny.

    Varys has a very strong resemblance to one of Pakistan’s national treasures.

    I love thinking of Game of Thrones characters according to their relationship with one another. It reminds me of all the incest in that show.

    The shade directed at @kelectricpk though…

    This tweet… just on point about the kind of crap Jaime and Cersei are up to.

    I don’t even know what to say so just enjoy this pretty self-explanatory tweet.

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