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FuelUp app made easy to know about CNG availability


I travel in public transportation a lot. Rickshaws, primarily. And like every other traveler of public transportation in Pakistan knows, asking for more fares is pretty common with a common tagline, “Aaj tou CNG band hai, sahab. Petrol pe chala raha hoon.” The problem’s more severe for people who use CNG in their vehicles as a primary source of fuel. They have to shuffle their entire schedule of a day to refill their fuel tanks and repeat the process all over again in a few days. This wasn’t going to stop as there was no cumulative way of knowing if CNG was available in your city right now. So, I decided it was time to bring a change, a time to do something about it.

After spending a few months and countless hours writing code and designing artwork, I released FuelUp which, in its simplest form, tells you if CNG is available in your city right when you need to know it.

FuelUp is not just about getting informed about CNG availability, FuelUp is more than that. As a minimum viable product set to receive more features with updates, FuelUp, in it current form, has the following features:

  • FuelUp provides latest fuel prices right from the app. The prices are updated on near real-time basis and depends on where you are. Specially CNG prices that requires us to have some context of your location. Now that you know the latest and accurate prices of fuel, it is pretty hard for any petrol station to take you on and scam you. Cool, right?
  • I know the reasons behind opting for CNG instead of petrol for your car and I realize that going for a refill after every few days is inefficient and takes on a lot of your time and requires you to shuffle your schedule. With FuelUp, you can manage all that by knowing if CNG is available in your city right this moment.
  • You don’t have to worry about low fuel and the fact that you don’t know the fuel stations around your current location. I know how critical can this situation be so I added another feature that would allow you see the fuel stations around your current location. Awesome, no?

And that’s it! These are the features FuelUp’s based on. At least for now. I will be adding more exciting features in the app in coming months. The app is free to use and I hate those annoying ads in apps as much as you do, so there are no ads in the app. Right now, FuelUp is available on Google Play but I will surely bring it to iOS soon. That may take a while, though. But I will.

I’d end this post with a cheesy quote a friend suggested me, “Fuel ko karo up, using FuelUp.”



Written by: Basit Saeed, the man behind FuelUp.

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