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From Smiles To Hiking Trails – #RediscoverPakistan by @nazuksuratehaal

Food Street, Lahore

Islamabad - Some hiking trail

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Lahore - Before the Kalma Chauk Underpass construction

Smile. - TCF, Phengali, Lahore

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) 2 - Phengali, Lahore
1. Food Street, Lahore. 
2. Islamabad – Some hiking trail
3. Badshahi Mosque, Lahore
4. Lahore – Before the Kalma Chauk Underpass construction. 
5. Smile. – Phengali, Lahore.
6. The Citizens Foundation (TCF) 2 – Phengali, Lahore.

Photographer: Maryam Reza
Twitter Handle: @nazuksuratehaal

Maryam is a clinical psychologist and photographer. Based in Lahore, total fanatic about using whatever camera (read ‘weapon’) she has at her disposal to take pictures anywhere and everywhere.
If you want to show how you see Pakistan, and how you #RediscoverPakistan, send us your photography, story behind them and your personal details at aey@twittistaan.com

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