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The Fans of Football in Pakistan Have Finally Gotten A Good News Thanks To Coke Pakistan

The football fanatics in Pakistan have waited for years to see Pakistan’s name in the same sentence as FIFA. We may be far from appearing at the international football front but we did hear some good news yesterday. Thanks to Coke Pakistan the FIFA World Cup trophy will be coming to Pakistan for the first time. After the announcement, football fans welcomed it with great joy. Everyone tweeted to express their relief at finally hearing a positive news about the future of football in Pakistan.

Sports journalists were of the view that this will help in attracting sponsors.

And some thought that this will be encouraging for the young footballers of Pakistan.

Imagine seeing that trophy in your own country!!!

It will be a joy to see the trophy in Pakistan after the Pakistani Football Federation got temporarily suspended by FIFA.

Such is the enthusiasm of the football fans:

Football is not just a sport.

What do you think, guys? Is 3rd February going to change the future of football in Pakistan?

Details on how to attend the historic trophy event were also shared on Twitter. Football fans, be there!

See you at the event, fellow football fans!

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