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foodpanda launches CLICK DONATE with TCF to champion children’s education

By encouraging online donations for education of unprivileged children

foodpanda, the top food ordering company of Pakistan has partnered up with The Citizen’s Foundation and Forrun to initiate Click Donate. It is a campaign that lays emphasis on the necessity for contribution towards the educational welfare of Pakistani children that are deprived of standard privileges.

Pakistan’s educational crisis has been put under a glare of attention with a UNESCO report declaring over 5.5 million children being out of school. Not only it is an alarming statistic, but the state of insecurity of these children’s future is every Pakistani’s concern.

This campaign offers you a chance to change what our country most certainly voids with. The Holy month of Ramadan offers a chance to commit great virtues and as people feel involuntarily moved towards committing good deeds in this month, it is a matter of a difference they can make with what they can contribute.


The Citizen’s Foundation has been looking after unprivileged children’s education

As poverty remains a barrier in human progress, participating in defeating the odds for children and allowing them to change their state of poverty is certainly needed.

With accountable efforts by TCF being an example of a successful difference made in past, it is your chance to support this initiative in making a child’s future secure. If you join hands with foodpanda, you downright fulfill your individual responsibility for Pakistan and see your contribution reach a reliable recipient as TCF in a discreet manner.

Omair Bakhsh, Brand Manager at foodpanda assesses this initiative in the following thoughts: “Lack of proper education is the cause of all the wrongs carried out in today’s world. In Pakistan, it is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated and the only way to do so is to put our energies and other resources to correct use. foodpanda’s partnership with The Citizens Foundation this year falls along the same line. With little effort let’s bring a great change in the lives of those who deserve.”

foodpanda has made the contribution process easiest for you

From the comfort of your home, you simply require logging in to foodpanda website or mobile app, choose the desired amount and donate.

A delivery agent from Forrun would visit a contributor within 24 hours of making donation at the provided location. The agent would collect the donation amount and handover a certificate, especially issued by foodpanda to observe a donor’s support to this campaign.

A donation can be made with an amount, starting from Rs. 500 by people in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The right concern remains the fulfillment of the particular purpose, which is why The Citizen’s Foundation looks after the ultimate step of using all contributions in facilitation of unprivileged children’s education.

Two payment options are introduced to offer most convenience to contributors. Donations can now be made either via Online Payment mode or Cash on Delivery.

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