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Fit in 5 Games: A Fitness Competition Of Its Kind

Do you think you are the fittest person in Pakistan? How would you know it? Inspired by the internationally well recognized “CrossFit Games”, The Fit in 5 games is the new and first ever fitness game show in Pakistan. Since 2013 they were the resource of so many people for keeping themselves fit. Now thankfully, we have people in Pakistan who can think beyond and have the courage to do it. They have organized Pakistan’s biggest fitness competition so that people can come and see their fitness strength.

They will test fitness, speed, balance and they will also test mental strength in this competition. You know what else is cool about this competition? They have a female category as well.

Here is a female performing the workouts:

The competition started on 20th October. They released 4 different workouts and all the details about them on their website and Facebook page for the people who are participating. They released all the videos before 1 month of the event so that competitors can have time to prepare themselves.

The qualifying round was for 3 days, 20th, 21st, and 22nd October. In this round, people performed the exercises from the videos they posted. After that there will be no work out for next 3 days, 23rd, 24th, and 25th October. On 23rd October, they announced the top 40 people from each category. They qualified for the next round. The final will be held on 26th, 27th, and 28th October. For the twist, they did not mention what will be happening in finals but they gave the contestants clues and hints so they can prepare themselves.

There are two categories of the competitors:

Individual Male/Female Category: 18-34 age

Master Male Category: 35-45 age

People were concerned about the injury and health issues so they mentioned clearly that the competition is not about how much you can lift but it is about how smart you are mentally and physically.

The competition has already started in Karachi and people from all over the country have participated. Well, don’t feel bad if you missed it this time, they will be doing it every year from now on. The winner will get prize money of Rs 200,000 and a return ticket to an unannounced country. It is something super cool happening in Pakistan for the first time and we wish all the best to Fit in 5 Games team and all the competitors.

Here is everything else you can know about their competition:

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