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First Ever Urdu Tweets On Twitter

Do you know what was the first Urdu tweet on Twitter and who tweeted it?

According to our research, first ever Urdu tweet wasn’t from Pakistan but India. It was tweeted on 11 June, 2007 from India FM’s Twitter account @indiafm. Interestingly first Urdu tweet contains word ‘اردو’ only.

First Urdu Tweet

Link: https://twitter.com/indiafm/status/99446712

Second Urdu tweet, by @indiafm.

First Urdu Tweet

Link: https://twitter.com/indiafm/status/99520302

And, who was the first Pakistani account that started tweeting in Urdu language? That was @naam, who started tweeting in mid of September 2007.

Tweet 003 - Naam Tweet 004 - Naam Tweet 005 - Naam

And then Urdu keyboard became easily accessible in the beginning of 2008 and Pakistanis started signing up on Twitter as well.

Tweet 011

Tweet 006 Tweet 007 Tweet 008 Tweet 009

On the other hand, word ‘Urdu’ was tweeted first time on 27 December 2006.

Tweet 010

If you have any other historical Urdu tweets, kindly share with me – I tweet as @aey.


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