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    Facebook launched ‘Manage Activity’ to help archive or trash old posts, all in one place

    As teenagers, we upload many insensible posts on our Facebook timelines, which later on we realize should not exist on our personal accounts. It is probably in the heat of the moment when we upload these posts, later on realizing it is better that these unnecessary posts are removed completely. As we grow, our interests change along with our personalities, and especially when one is stepping out into the professional life there are certain things you would want to keep away from hiring managers and interviewers. Sometimes religious or controversial political posts can also cost a person and it is just easier to keep such posts hidden from nosy stalkers. Or maybe, you just want to get rid of some stupid or embarrassing posts from your teen age. Facebook now lets you do this easily with its new feature.

    Facebook has introduced a new update called Manage Activity, aimed at keeping your data, ‘safe’. Using this update you can either delete old posts and videos in bulk, without having to deactivate your Facebook account, or archive them. The deleted posts stay in your trash for 30 days, in case you change your mind and wish to restore them. After the end of 30 days the posts are permanently deleted. Posts which archived are hidden from public view, accessible only to the account holder. It must be kept in mind that these archive posts stay on Facebook and are not completely deleted. By now, it is clear to all of us, just how safe Facebook can be.

    This feature resides in the account activity log, you will be asked to enter your password, after which, manage account activity will be enabled. This feature is helpful in the sense, where you would not have to scroll through years of old posts. You can search for the post using a keyword, date or even people you may have tagged in those posts. This feature intends, users of Facebook, to finally have the privilege to control their data.

    If you do manage to delete posts from your account, there still maybe one issue. If your friends have tagged you in similar posts, you will have to ask them to take down those posts, as Facebook will not take any responsibility for that.

    Again Facebook at countless occasions has been accused of invasion of personal privacy and infringement of data security. Almost anything that goes on Facebook once, is not private anymore. There is always someone who would have access to your posts. Maybe, by deleting your posts once and for all, is safer than what Facebook’s privacy policies claim it to be. Nonetheless, introducing such an update after 16 years since Facebook was launched can be considered as a humble initiative on their part.

    Initially this update is available for Smartphone versions only but we expect it to be available for web versions soon.

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