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Emirates adds Sialkot in its 10 new destinations from Dubai

In the wake of the Corona virus pandemic, the entire world had to enforce immediate lockdowns restricting movement. Countries had to shut down all commutation mediums both locally and internationally; flights were cancelled with immediate effect. By March 25th, Emirates airlines had also suspended all international passenger flights temporarily. Slowly and gradually, Emirates opened its airlines, initially for only 25 cities around the world, in the month of May.

On June 17th, emirates announced to add another 10 cities: Colombo, Sialkot, Istanbul, Auckland, Beirut, Brussels, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona and Washington DC. This was done to make travelling easier for passengers, giving them more options as the circumstances allow.

Health is a priority

As one of the largest airlines in the Middle East, with 3,600 flights operating per week, Emirates tries its best to serve its passengers in the midst of Covid-19. All employees and passengers are to wear gloves and masks at all times. Passengers, at the time of check-in are being given complementary hygiene kits, comprising of gloves, masks, wipes and hand sanitizers. Their temperatures are monitored at the time of boarding. Workers and passengers are instructed to heed to all necessary precautionary measures and avoid close contact.

Further operations expected to resume soon

Through a mutual understanding and coordination among airport and government authorities, Emirates has managed to safely resume its flight operations. With the ease in travel, announced by the UAE government, Emirates also hopes to add flights to more cities in July: London’s Heathrow, Manchester, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, New York (JFK), Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Flight bookings can easily be done through airline website or travel agents. The website also contains the eligibility criteria and requirements of destination countries, with slight adjustments in accordance to the Corona virus pandemic.

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