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Eid and Ramadan Twitter Hashtag Icons, Urdu in iOS 8, Twitter Cards and more

Twitter Ramadan / Eid Hashtag Icons
Twitter just noticed that there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and more 74.2 million tweets about Ramadan were posted in 2013. Just like other occasions i.e; Christmas, World Cup, and Oscars, Twitter has added some cool features for Ramadan and Eid. If you tweet with #Ramadan and #Eid hashtags, special icons of ‘Ramadan Moon and ‘Eid Mubarak in Arabic’ will appear with them.
Twitter Ramadan Eid Hashtags
Its not only English, Twitter also introduced these icons with Arabic hashtags which can be used in Urdu languageas well.
Urdu Arabic Hashtags for Ramadan Eid
Urdu Keyboard in iOS 8
iOS have Urdu support but there was no built-in Urdu keyboard in all iOS versions. Myself and thousands other use famous app Urdu Writer to write and tweet in Urdu using iPhone or iPad. Now there is a news that iOS 8 will have an Urdu keyboard.
Urdu Keyboard in iOS 8

Twitter Cards for Lead Generation 
Twitter’s lead generation card is the best for email marketers. They can easily collect target audiences’ emails on Twitter. Its a great tool to express what your business offers. People can securely share their email address without leaving Twitter. Twitter Cards are currently available in limited countries. You can sign up to Twittistaan updates via my Twitter card below. 

I’m building a list of people interested in Twitter Pakistan and tech to send occasional updates to. Sign up here: https://t.co/gwwSlFuJNg
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) June 26, 2014

About Author: 
Ahsan Saeed  Founder of Twittistaan. Works with Twitter as Urdu Localization Moderator. He contributes to the Urdu version of Global Voices and WhatsApp. Studied software engineering but loves to explore digital media. He tweets @aey

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