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Dubai will start hosting tourists again from July 7

Dubai with its high rise buildings and modern architecture is a hotspot for family holidays, business ventures and luxury get-aways. The country, on average hosts about 25 million tourists per year.

In the wake of the Corona virus pandemic, Dubai had to enforce lockdown and by March 25th, Emirates airlines had also suspended all international passenger flights temporarily. Slowly and gradually, Emirates opened its airlines, initially for only 25 cities around the world, in the month of May. On Sunday, 21st June 2020, Dubai government announced the city will host tourists again from July 7 after a closure of about three months.

Travelers are issued extensive guidelines on maintaining social distancing and measures against the Corona virus. Tourists are required to present a Covid-19 negative certificate, to be taken before arrival at the Dubai Airport or undergo testing at Dubai airports immediately after departure. If tested positive, the visitors or tourists will have to be quarantined for 14 days. All arrivals are also asked to download the COVID-19 app to monitor themselves. Visitors will be fined $800 for not wearing a mask, and $13000 for violating any anti-corona virus measures and regulations.

Dubai is a favorite place to travel for Pakistanis: with only a couple hours away and ranked as the best holiday spot.

12.5% of the country’s population is comprised of Pakistanis. Tourism and sight-seeing is one of the largest source of revenue for Dubai. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Dubai’s tourist industry has witnessed a stark decrease and so has their revenue. By resuming tourism from July 7th, the industry will be back on tracks. Pakistanis working in Dubai can return and resume their activities. Residents can return to their accustomed lives. Sooner than later, Dubai will be bustling with its usual tourist, business officials and workers.

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