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Daira ’18 is An Attempt to Unite Creative People Regardless of Religious and Ethnical Differences

After gaining huge success from the off, Daira is back with all its lure and charisma. You may be wondering what is Daira?

Daira is a prestigious national Olympiad initiated in 2014 by the 5th and the largest campus of FAST-NUCES family, FAST-NU CFD campus. The spirit of Daira is the idea that we are all one without any difference whether it is geographical or ethnical, hence we are all connecting dots of a “Daira”.

Reviving the purpose of Daira 14, FAST NUCES has planned to launch Daira ’18. Daira strikes again with its enthusiastic events and with an objective to explore talented souls out there. With its purpose to gather everybody on a single platform, it aims to the oneness and unity omitting the differences of every kind. This the day event is here again to help you polish your skills and creativity. There are more than 70+ events going to be held on Daira ’18 and will last from 30th March to April 1st.

Daira has a network of 500 talented individuals behind aiming to bring out the best! From “Insha Jee Utho ab Kaam Kro” to “The Pursuit of Creativity” Daira has gathered our star quality individuals from all over the country.


Furthering, I will focus on the tagline which is “Pursuit of Creativity” which really means a hunt to find out creativity and inventiveness nationwide. The craze of Daira ’18 has radiated to every province gathering people having a kanck in many genres and thirst to find their abilities. Daira has round up people from every nook and corner of the country with an aim to vanish the geographical and ethnical differences.


The events going to be held in Daira ’18 are Tambola, Scavenger hunt, Digital poster design, Show Cycling, Chess, Natak, Fankaar, Theme Based Photography, English Essay Writing, All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation, and many more. You can find more details about the event on daira.pk.


Written by Haseeba Abdul Qayyum Khan

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